Today Jamai Raja Episode 14 July 2016 Written Updates Sid Tortures Ranjeet & Mittul

Today Jamai Raja Episode 14 July 2016 Written Updates Sid Tortures Ranjeet & Mittul :- Sid somehow manages to save Roshni from Mittul and Ranjeet as they both ran away but he failed to catch them. Neel gets injured during all this and doctor says that he will not be able to walk for next few months hearing which Naina blamed Roshni and calls her a dark shadow in her sons life after this she cried a lot alone in her bedroom.


Jamai Raja Episode 533 Written Updates

Mittul and Ranjeet went to meet the secret lady boss to hand her over the papers after getting signed by Roshni but by mistake they torn them and the lady warned them that they have only 2 days left otherwise both of them will be get killed by her they get scared.

Sid asked Roshni does she remember anything about the kidnappers she says that one of them is a lady and she was scolding the other guy like a kid he suspects Mittul & Ranjeet hand behind this warned them both that he is keeping an eye on them and will make them confess their crimes.

Naina Devi was again seen scolding Roshni when she was taking care of Neel as she tries to stop him and said don’t do all this drama but Sid came and taught her a lesson. Sid and Bunty went to Mittul and Ranjeet starts torturing them becoming kidnappers to speak the truth after which Ranjeet confesses everything.

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