Today Jamai Raja Episode 13 September 2016 Written Updates Naina Meets Satya Gets Happy

Today Jamai Raja Episode 13 September 2016 Written Updates Naina Meets Satya Gets Happy :- Payal hired person tells her that Satya was born way before Karanveer so that he cannot be Sid son she gets happy knowing this as she thinks that she will not face any problem in near future Satya came to the office to meet Payal he says that he is ready to work for her if she gives him one chance.


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Satya does a lot of drama in front of Payal he even winks at Mahi doing all this she gets shocked seeing this and warns Payal that he is not a good guy as he has some bad motives Payal says she trusts Satya as she knows how to judge people he went away Mahi gets angry. Later Payal receives a call from the development authority as someone has complaint against her that she has bribed officers.

Payal gets stunned knowing this Satya calls Payal and tells her that Deepu has filed a complaint against her as he is taking revenge for all the insult that he has faced because of her he says that he is ready to help her if Mahi says so Payal went with Mahi to the Chawl Deepu meets her there he greets her Payal slapped him hard.

Mahi says Satya we need you Naina says to Payal that Dhawal is not the right guy for Mahi she pushes her Naina falls down Satya came Naina gets extremely happy seeing him thinking that he is Siddharth he comforts her Payal recruits Satya as her personal assistant.

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