Today Jamai Raja Episode 13 July 2016 Written Updates Sid Pledges to Find Culprit

Today Jamai Raja Episode 13 July 2016 Written Updates Sid Pledges to Find Culprit :- Sid’s plan backfires as Roshni got kidnapped by some other persons inspite of Bunty and his friend. She was talking to Neel at that time so even he rushed to the place in order to save her. Sid tells him to keep our differences away and lets work together so that we can save her he agrees and together they start to find her using their contacts & wit.


Jamai Raja Episode 532 Written Updates

Sid and Neel saw the Van from which the goons kidnapped Roshni in the parking area they noted its number to trace the car Sid was about to call commissioner then suddenly he gave Neel an opportunity to use his contacts to trace her so he can get closer with Roshni again.

The location of the car gets traced and they rushed to the place to save Roshni. Mittul on the other starts doing makeup and taking selfies in the secret place while Roshni gets the time to open cuffs and get free. She hits Mittul from behind and she felt unconscious but Ranjit hits Roshni after which they both took her signs forcefully on papers.

They ran away Sid Neel reaches saves Roshni and then Sid ran behind the Van but fails to catch during which Neel gets injured doctor says he will not be able to walk for next few months. Naina blamed Roshni for this while Sid pledges that he will expose the actual culprit behind all this very soon.

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