Today Jamai Raja Episode 12 September 2016 Written Updates Satya Mahi Romantic Moment

Today Jamai Raja Episode 12 September 2016 Written Updates Satya Mahi Romantic Moment :- Deepu make all the arrangements for Payal coming to the Chawl Mahi goes to Payal and asks her whether she is doing something wrong Payal assures her that whatever she is doing is in the favour of Chawl people. At Chawl Satya reaches and creates huge drama at the event which puts Payal in complete shock.


Jamai Raja Episode 578 Written Updates

After getting insulted by Satya both Mahi and Payal were going back to their house Satya call Mahi from behind a sheet falls on both of them she falls on him he handles her they both get lost in each other eyes he says after getting kissed by me that day you are trying to get closer to me she says I am not interested in you go away from here.

Payal was in a state of absolute shock as she thinks that how is this possible Satya looks completely like Siddharth Khurrana Satya came and says Payal madam if you ever need any kind of help then I am always available for you just say at once Mahi in anger tells her to go away as this is your another plan to get rich.

Driver tries to start the car but it was not starting at all Satya says let me look at it he fixes the car immediately Mahi gets irritated by him later Payal tells her men to get me the compete details of Satya whether he is Sid son Karanveer or not as the whole property is in the name of Mahi and Karanveer and if this happens then I will face a huge loss.

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