Today Jamai Raja Episode 11 July 2016 Written Updates Neel Insults Roshni Again

Today Jamai Raja Episode 11 July 2016 Written Updates Neel Insults Roshni Again :- Neel came drunk in the morning and starts misbehaving with Roshni he throws alcohol and ash on her seeing which Sid gets angry tries to stop him but he pushes him away and continues to do the ugly thing finally Sid slaps Neel after which Naina Devi raises her hand on him but Roshni stops. Situations gets very tensed and everyone went away Naina gets disturbed.


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Sid finds out that Mittul Mami was behind all this and tries to confirm it along with Bunty as they both had a plan in mind they both went to Miitul and Ranjeet starting scaring them after which they spoke the whole truth Sid warns them not to repeat this again otherwise the consequences are going to be severe.

Anya goes to Roshni’s room and starts insulting her why she is doing all this she is enjoying with her husband and having an illegitimate relationship with him which is disgusting hearing all this Roshni gets shocked to an extent Anya went away after scolding her while Roshni cries.

Roshni asks Neel I am going to office will you go with me he says you are going to meet your lover then why you need me now everything is out in the open go and enjoy with him. She tells Sid you should got to London as nothing is going to be alright now everything is ruined.

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