Today Jamai Raja 17 Feb 2017 Written Updates Kareena Leaves Comes Back Again

Today Jamai Raja 17 Feb 2017 Written Updates Kareena Leaves Comes Back Again :– Kareena slaps Anupama her guards were about to throw her out of the house but Satya came to her rescue and warns her that I am Sidharth Khurana son and if I lost my mind than it will be very bad for you. Anupama gets emotional says sorry to Satya and requests him to make her a part of his plan he agrees. Payal took Kareena to a fake Mata which was actually Anupama she invites Sid Khurana ghost there Satya came and starts acting she then says Kareena you have to do whatever I say otherwise the ghost will kill you Kareena agrees to sign papers.

Jamai Raja Episode 691 Written Updates

Payal brings Kareena back to the house she was too much scared saw Satya hides behind Payal immediately Satya tells Payal to take care of this mad woman he went away Payal tells Kareena that even now I believe that Sid ghost is behind you because you did a big cheating with his family so he wants to take revenge from you Kareena says I will give them everything back then Sidharth ghost will leave me Payal says even I think this is the right decision.

Kareena went to Satya tells him to call back your family I am leaving your house forever I did very bad with you all. Raj, Mahi and Anupama gets happy. Mahi asks Kareena that I don’t believe that you actually signed these papers Kareena says don’t speak rubbish I don’t want to stay in this haunted house I am going back to Dubai. Payal tells Kareena when you reach Dubai call me and take care of yourself there she was acting and had a sigh of relief.

Satya, Mahi, Raj, Payal, Mittul and Anupama had sweets enjoying there victory over Kareena Mahi says thanks to Ganpati Bappa and requests him to always bless them. On the way Kareena asks driver to drive fast but she forgets her passport back home asks driver to take car back home they were laughing on Kareena condition as how she got scared by their acting. Mahi says we won so we need to celebrate thinks about food and music Satya and Mahi gets romantic Raj came with Sid and Roshni clothes to them and tells them to wear as he wants to see how they look.

Satya and Mahi wears Sid and Roshni clothes Raj says you both are looking very beautiful Mittul tells them to dance plays music Kareena watches them dancing gets suspicious decides to find whats this all about Anupama compliments them they all gets happy calls Kareena Chudail she gets too much angry then they start acting like that again how they torture her Kareena hears their whole conversation.

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