Today Jamai Raja 16 Feb 2017 Written Updates Kareena Slaps Anupama Satya Saves Her

Today Jamai Raja 16 Feb 2017 Written Updates Kareena Slaps Anupama Satya Saves Her :- Satya, Mahi and Mittul together scares Kareena she gets too much horrified Payal was also helping them as it was all there plan to make things worse for Kareena than they hang her with a fan Satya warns her today I just hung you next time I will kill you they went away Payal came there Kareena was just shocked tells her that something is wrong here as Sid ghost in behind me he is haunting me.

Jamai Raja Episode 690 Written Updates

Mahi asks Raj that I have not seen Anupama anywhere where she is suddenly she received Sid message that she went to meet Kareena what will happen now we are in big trouble Anupama reaches there says Kareena I came here hiding I want to tell you something Payal came blames Anupama for everything happening to Kareena she says you are right and slaps her hard Anupama gets shocked.

Kareena orders guards to throw Anupama out of the house guards starts pushing her out Satya came and slaps one of them saves Anupama scolds Kareena for treating elders like that warns her that if her slaves have done anything to her than he will ruin everything and if I lost my mind than no one can stop me Kareena says who are you to warn me if I had any doubt on you than nI will destroy you.

Satya challenges Kareena do whatever you want I am Sidharth Khurana son if I came on my own than I will show you what I am capable of Anupama relised of her mistakes apologized to Karanvir that she made a huge mess and she deserves punishment I am going forever and if you can than please forgive me Satya stops her that you are the owner of house and now you have relised so I forgive you.

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