Jan 29, 2020

Today Jamai Raja 15 Feb 2017 Written Updates Satya Mahi Mittul Scares Kareena

Today Jamai Raja 15 Feb 2017 Written Updates Satya Mahi Mittul Scares Kareena :- Kareena tells her bodyguards that there is something fishy in this house I’m not sure that whether there is a ghost or not but if you see anyone than immediately kill him Satya and Payal hears her conversation says what we will do now. At hotel Raj tells Mahi I am worried for Karanvir don’t know what this boy is doing Anupama came asks Mahi you told me that we are going to the chawl but we are staying in a good hotel whats the plan Mahi says everything is not plan Raj Papa health is not good thats why we are staying here soon we will shift in the hotel.

Jamai Raja Episode 689 Written Updates

Mittul starts acting like she is all suffering from pain Anupama says what happened Mittul says I have eaten something bad thats why I had food poisoning Anupama says what you have eaten Mittul replied Pizza, Sweets, Kaju, Badaam etc Anupama goes from there. Raj tells a plan to Satya he gets impressed Raj says I have trained your father earlier now its your turn.

Anupama reaches there secretly tries to hear them talking Raj sees her and acts saying bad about Karanvir. Payal gives sleeping pills to Kareena tells her to give them to Satya he will fell asleep after having them Kareena mixes them in a juice and with the help of a guard makes Satya drink it he fells asleep.

Kareena tells guards to take him to room and lock him from outside guards were standing outside Payal throws a smoke bomb guardsd gets unconscious Satya comes outside the room they opened the door Mahi and Mittul came wearing hoods to execute the plan further. Satya dressed up as Sid ghost starts scaring Kareena she runs away he laughs.

Outside the room Kareena saw two more ghosts which are Mittul and Mahi she gets too much scared begs to please leave her Kareena was about to see Mittu but Mahi saves her Satya says hang her they both hang Kareena ties her with a rope and with a fan Satya as Sid ghost says if you did not leave my family than I will take you with me to my world.

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