Jan 29, 2020

Today Jamai Raja 14 Feb 2017 Written Updates Satya Scares Kareena as Sidharth

Today Jamai Raja 14 Feb 2017 Written Updates Satya Scares Kareena as Sidharth :- Satya tells Payal that I am feeling very bad seeing my family leaving their own house but its my compulsion at the moment as I don’t want Kareena to do anything bad to them once they will leave I will throw Kareena out Payal says be calm and composed Mahi came clapping hugs Satya and cries on his shoulder says why you hide all this from me Satya says I am sorry but I love you and I am doing all this for you.

Jamai Raja Episode 688 Written Updates

Satya tells Mahi the whole story how Payal and Mahi together have done all this Mahi hugs Payal and thanked her for helping Satya she gets happy Satya says its not time to talk I need you help Mahi you have to take everyone far away from here Papa and Kritika Payal says then we will teach that witch a lesson of her life you know what you have to do Satya says I know very well.

Mahi says later Satya if you want to live Satya than live with this women here but we cannot stay with her under one roof congratulation on the lavish life she left with everyone and then Kareena, Payal and Satya left there. Kareena gets happy thinks in her mind its my first victory now I will make Satya my puppet.

Kareena was alone in her room light starts blinking door starts banging Kareena gets scared says Satya you are here I know come out voice came not Satya its Sidharth Khurana this is my family I am owner of everything your mother knows me very well Shabnam she tried to destroy my family every time but I failed her and I came to protect them again it was Satya who tries to scare her.

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