Today Jamai Raja 12 March 2016 Written Updates Sid Saves Shabnam Joker Kidnaps Aisha

Today Jamai Raja 12 March 2016 Written Updates Sid Saves Shabnam Joker Kidnaps Aisha :- Siddharth has doubts on Shabnam in Zee TV’s Jamai Raja that she is behind all that Joker drama and Aisha life in also in danger as he has been warned regarding this. DD on the other hand is getting upset with Siddharth as she is not getting his support in her project. Now it will be interesting to see how much Joker effect Sid’s life.


Sid hands over Aisha to Pintu’s sister and then went away while on the other side DD was waiting for Siddharth at the press conference and media persons questioned her & insulted her that his son-in-law didn’t came. On his way back Sid received a call from Pintu that the person who met her was not her sister but someone else.

Later when Sid reaches Pintu’s house he finds out that Aisha got kidnapped and Sid went behind Shabnam following her with the help of a tracker but there he finds out that Shabnam was being trapped as a bomb was being fixed on her chair.

Shabnam tells that joker is behind all this Sid gets shocked and they reached Pintu’s house there Shabnam received a call in which Joker tells them that if Sid will do whatever he says than he will not do anything to Aisha to which Sid agrees.

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