Today Dr. Bhanumati on Duty Episode 23rd June 2016 Written Updates

Today Dr. Bhanumati on Duty Episode 23rd June 2016 Written Updates :- Inspector Makhan Singh came and Bhanumati Bhinn falls in love with him after seeing him he said that he has some problems with his brain but she takes all the tests and he was alright. Bhanumati hears him talking to someone on phone about a secret plan about which no one should know.


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Bhanumati decides to find the truth and tells everyone a plan she had she wears a hot Saree and did a dace with Makhan Singh during the dance she steals his wallet and finds his identity card his name was not Makhan Singh as he is actually Arjun Ranawat.

Gopi on Bhanumti plan went to meet Arjun Ranawat and he tells his that you are Gupchu who lost in Kumbh Mela he gets suspicious and takes out gun making him hostage and said to everyone that for next 7 hours all of you have to play antakshari otherwise I will kill him.

Whole staff starts playing Antakshri Bhanumati bravely breaks the door takes out gun they both are face to face with guns count down begins suddenly two assistants came said sir what you are doing there it turned out to be that he is actually Shiv Pandit who came to promote his film 7 Hours to Go.

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