Today Diya Aur Baati Hum Maha Episode 2 October 2015 Written Mission Mahabali

Today Diya Aur Baati Hum Maha Episode 2 October 2015 Written Mission Mahabali :- The Maha Episode of Diya Aur Baati Hum begins with Sooraj talking to Sandhya. He cries and says you are so much hurt, they have locked her inside this wall without food and water, I will free you now, its enough. She says no, you won’t do this, we will be caught, I reached here for my mission, I have to succeed in my mission, don’t do any such thing. He says he won’t sit quiet seeing her helpless. The men see him and ask what is he doing here, does he not have to prepare for celebration. Sooraj says yes, that’s why I am here, you all go, I will come. They ask him to come soon and leaves. Sooraj goes back to Sandhya.


She asks is he fine. He says yes, someone came. She asks him to leave from here. He refuses to go, leaving her here. She says I m fine, my energy got doubled after you came here, you are my strength, you go from here, and how did you reach here in Garjana village. Sooraj says I have come as halwai, its long story, I have seen your pic in dacoit article, then I got to know from Sajni about you, Bharat permitted me and sent me here, don’t worry, he said he will attack her with army, I will take you alive and safe. She smiles and says you don’t know, I got relieved hearing this, now nothing will happen to our country, we will go home safe. Diya aur baati………..plays……..

She tells about plants/herbs in the jungle which has properties to make person drowsy and faint, he can mix those herbs in sweets, Garjana men will get unconscious after having it, then we can go from here. He says its much time, how will you stay here. She says your Sandhya is not so weak, I will wait for you, I m fine. Garjana men come there and a pot breaks as Chote Raja collides with them and wants to sign Sooraj. They take Chote Raja along. Sooraj gets alert. Sandhya asks Sooraj to go. Chote Raja looks at Sooraj. Sooraj runs from there.

Shekhar tells commander that Bharat Kapoor was like pale faced, he was in shock, like I have slapped him. Commander says yes, it’s a solid slap on govt. Shekhar says they knew 2nd oct plan from Sandhya, so it was necessary for me to fool them by peace proposal, I have made minister eat the jaggery of surrender till then the blast will happen. Commander says great, you are really sharp, we have Sandhya, there is no one against us. Shekhar says we just have celebration, and villagers should not know this. Commander says people won’t know, they will be busy in celebrations. Sooraj makes sweets to goes out to see. A man does decorations near the wall. Sooraj talks to him and says he will help him. The man says this is not your work. Sooraj says I will help you. The man says I will manage this. Sooraj says I will climb up the stairs. The man says fine.

Sooraj gets on the stairs to see Sandhya once and talks to the man. Sandhya says Sooraj ji. Sooraj says I got something for you Sandhya and puts it from the open space. She gets it and opens the papers to see samosa and jalebis. She smiles and eats it, getting tears of happiness. Sooraj tries putting the water bottle, and it gets stuck in the small space. She starts coughing. She sees the water bottle stuck and Sooraj tries to push it. Garjana men proceed towards him.

The Garjana men see Sooraj and call out halwai ji… Sooraj acts like doing electric decorations. They ask him to make sweets. Sooraj gets down the stars and fails to put the bottle. Sooraj thinks he could not make Sandhya drink water, even when she was coughing. She cries. Sooraj thinks he took vow to support her, now its time to keep the vow, he will also not drink water till he makes her drink water, he will free her tonight, this is her promise. Bharat proceeds somewhere, while Shekhar feeds the time in the nuclear missile. He tells commander that its 16 hours for the nuclear attack and this will end Sandhya’s mission mahabali.

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