Today Colors Shani Episode 8th November 2016 Written Updates Surya Dev Gives Shraap to Shani Dev

Today Colors Shani Episode 8th November 2016 Written Updates Surya Dev Gives Shraap to Shani Dev :- The latest series of Colors channel Shani started from yesterday where in the first episode we have seen Surya Dev wife Sandhya creating her clone Chhaya after which she left the kingdom. Chhaya gets physical with Surya Dev and gives birth to a baby boy everyone was celebrating and dancing at the palace Chhaya came with the boy and Surya Dev gets shocked seeing his face as he was too much ugly looking.


Colors Shani Episode 2 Written Updates

Surya Dev starts scolding Chhaya for giving birth to such a ugly looking boy he says that he cannot be his son then Surya Dev says you are characterless Sangya tell me whose boy he his she replied this is your son Swami I swear on Mahadev if I am lying then I will burn right now he gets shocked knowing this that he is actually his son.

Shani Dev puts eclipse on Surya Dev everyone gets shocked as it has happened for the first time Surya Dev was suffering from a lot of pain Chhaya covers Shani Dev eyes and the eclipse gets removed then Surya Dev says that what kind of a son is this he is insulting his father by doing this he takes out his weapon in order to kill him but Chhaya calms him down somehow.

Finally then Surya Dev gives a shraap to Shani Dev saying that I renounce him as my son then he says that if ever my rays fall on him then his life will end Chhaya took him away and starts finding a place where Surya Dev rays does not reach finally there came a dead end she jumps off the cliff and finally reaches a place with no Sun rays.

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