Today Colors Shani Episode 7th November 2016 Written Updates Chhaya Gives Birth to Shani

Today Colors Shani Episode 7th November 2016 Written Updates Chhaya Gives Birth to Shani :- The latest series of Colors India channel Shani which is based on Shani Dev ‘Lord of Justice’ has started from today and it will air everyday at night from 9:00 PM to 9:30 PM and the show stars Salil Ankola and Juhi Parmar in lead roles. The show has made a terrific start today and the special effects and dialogue delivery that was given by the actors was quite awesome we will update you all what happened on the first episode of Shani.


Colors Shani Episode 1 Written Updates

About lakhs of years ago A war was being happening between Gods and Demons for Swarg Lok Indra Dev came and killed many Demons but suddenly Demon King Shukracharya came and gave him a befitting response then he created a big demon but to counter him Surya Dev came. Wife of Surya Dev Sandhya was quite tensed as she cannot get physical with her husband because of his fire and heat.

Sandhya went to Vishwakarma and seeks his help but he says that there is no solution to this problem you have to do Tapasya Vishwakara created a solution from which cloning can be done she steals it and creates her clone Sandhya then went to Tapasya warning Chhaya not to get physical with her husband as there are limits she has to keep in mind.

Lord Shiva stops the war and says now he will bring the Lord of Justice who will take right decisions Chhaya gets Physical with Surya Dev and gives birth to a baby boy There were celebrations happening at Surya Dev kingdom Chhaya brings the boy and Surya Dev tells her to show it to him but he gets angry seeing him because he is ugly looking.

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