Today Colors Shani Episode 17th November 2016 Written Updates Shani Dev Warns RakhtGhan

Today Colors Shani Episode 17th November 2016 Written Updates Shani Dev Warns RakhtGhan :- Yami and Yam went to investigate in the forest why their mother go there every night they followed her and saw her talking to someone without seeing his face later Yami saw Rakshas in the forest and gets too much scared she pleads to Yam that now she wants to go back they both returned to Surya Lok Shani Dev with his mother went for sleep while Indra Dev says that Surya Dev is definitely hiding something from me.


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Indra Dev came to Surya lok and asks Surya Dev till when he was going to hide this secret. Think what will happen if this news went out that your wife leaves every night in dark. People will gossip then. Will you shed some light on this now? Surya Dev looks at him angrily. First, learn another secret associated with Surya. Those who stay away die because of the cool. Plus, those who come too near to Surya get burn. It is wise to maintain a distance from Surya. Indra Dev backtracks feeling scared. You are threatening your friend? Surya Dev says I am only reminding you.

A line is maintained between friends too. It becomes suffocating when you come too close. I never intervened in your family matters. I expect you to do the same. I trust my wife fully and love her a lot. She is always near me. I would want every eye to be away from her, be it of Sahastra-netra (of Indra Dev’s eye). Indra Dev tries to say something but Surya Dev shows him the door. Indra Dev leaves upset.

Chhaya is hurrying out of the jungle. Kakol wakes up and sees her rushing out somewhere. Shani keeps looking at the stone. Kakol asks him to come out. Shani signals him to be quiet. Kakol asks him to come. We will play. I will show you around. Shani signals him to be quiet again. Kakol falls down and makes noise. Shani tells him to be quiet. Mother is praying inside. Her concentration will break. Kakol says she went outside. Shani stares at him so Kakol goes quiet.

Asura RakhtGhan came in the forest again Shani Dev confronts him he says I came here to take you to my Guru Dev Shani Dev says tell your Guru Dev to come here if he wants to meet me he gets angry started flying Shani Dev warns him to stay in his limits.

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