Today Colors Shani Episode 16th November 2016 Written Updates Yam Yami Follows Chhaya

Today Colors Shani Episode 16th November 2016 Written Updates Yam Yami Follows Chhaya :- Shani Dev saves Kakol Raven from Dumnath Rakshas then he started following him while at Surya Lok Indra Dev came and questions Surya Dev about who stopped his Gandharvas from cutting the tree Surya Dev gets tensed as he was aware about that Shani Dev was behind this act but he lied to him that his son Yam has done this and he went away. Indra Dev gets suspicious about Surya Dev.


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Shukracharya came and saw the remains of Dumnath then using his powers he saw the whole visual of Shani Dev killing Dumnath and decides to find whether he is the same power Mahadev talked about earlier he tells his Rakshas that he wants that boy he says I will do it. Rakshas came at the forest and started searching here and there.

Yam with his sister Yami started following Chhaya to the forest they both reached there Shani gets concerned that his mother has not came back yet and he knows that Rakshas are in the forest Chhaya saw the Rakshas she hides and successfully dodges them then finally she managed to reach to Shani Dev on time.

At forest Yami started getting scared they both saw Chhaya talking to someone but has not seen his face then Yami sees the Rakshas but Yam tells her to stay strong as his elder brother is with her she told him that she wants to go back to Surya Lok he agrees and they both went back with the thought that they will come back tomorrow morning.

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