Today Colors Shani Episode 15th November 2016 Written Updates Shukracharya Finds About Shani Dev

Today Colors Shani Episode 15th November 2016 Written Updates Shukracharya Finds About Shani Dev :- Rakshas named Dumnath came in the forest he came face to face with a Raven named Kakol he tried to kill him and eat but Shani Dev came to his rescue he tries a lot to stop the Rakshas from doing wrong even offered him free food but he has not listened then finally Shani Dev through his loud sound waves destroys the Rakshas and saved Kakol.


Colors Shani Episode 7 Written Updates

Indra Dev says my question is who that kid who could attack my Gandharvas was? It can surely not be any ordinary kid Yam greets Surya Dev Your order was followed I completed the task given by you Surya Dev blesses him Yam greets Indra Dev Indra Dev asks Surya Dev again Surya Dev says it surely was no ordinary kid. It can only be done by the one who has Surya’s ansh and is strong like a fighter It was done by a Surya Putra only He tells Yam he did his work well and blesses him Yam looks confused Indra Dev notices it Did you do this? Yam goes quiet for a minute but then says father said it so it’s true.

Guru Shukracharya looks at the ruins of Dumnath. He touches one part of Dambnaad and hears his plea. I can hear you. You died but your energies dint. They will tell me how this happened. He closes his eyes and gets to see everything clearly (including Shani). Who are you? Are you the same power which is created by Mahadev?

Shani keeps his hand on Kakol shoulder and accepts him as his Vahan saying No one can refuse to take support from the one who wishes to help people. I accept you as my carriage. Kakol is touched. I cannot understand if you are saying truth or mocking me. Shani says I know there is only one way to get rid of you – to accept you. Kakol is thrilled.

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