May 30, 2020

Today Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Maha Episode 31st July 2016 Written Updates Siyamak Kills Helena

Today Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Maha Episode 31st July 2016 Written Updates Siyamak Kills Helena :- As a part of Ashoka plan Helena came in front of everyone as she arrived from an hidden door she got a bit tensed and Ashoka teklls her to be careful it appears that you need some help from me. Siyamak who was waiting for Helena gets suspicious a lady came and asked her about Rajmata but he says that he has no clue.


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 393 Written Updates

The lady asks Siyamak about Rajmata but he has no clue. She points out that she was walking ahead her. The tunnel was dark. Surely Ashoka has cheated us somehow. Something is wrong. Let’s go to palace. Siamak heads to palace. The lady smirks. no one can save Helena aka Gondna from dying.

Ashoka says it seems like you all cannot recognize her. I will help you. He removes the hood from Helena’s head. Everyone is shocked to see Rajmata. Helena looks pointedly at everyone. Bindusara thinks of her last wish ten years back and the skeleton they recovered. It means my son was right. I made a mistake in understanding him. I made such a big mistake by not trusting him.

Bindusara calls her by her name shocking her and many other people there. Don’t forget that you are the culprit of this Magadh, Dharma is the queen and Ashoka is Magadh’s son. No one can insult my wife and husband in my courtroom only! Helena says I can never forgert Ashoka. I was punished 10 years ago here because of him only. The Helena, who killed Ashoka! She was defeated by the discovery of a 14 year old. I planned my death to kill Ashoka. I took the medicine which lowers the heartbeat to a minimum. I dint die. Ashoka got to know the truth. He turned into Chand. I pretended to die and lied to you that I dint say anything to Ashoka.

Siamak reaches courtroom. He is shocked to see Helena there. I wont leave Ashoka. I have to do something before he does something to Helena. The lady tells him not to act foolish. Helena was a burden for us only. You will lose your chance for the throne. Finally Siyamak kills Helena to win everyone’s trust

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