Today Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 5th July 2016 Written Updates Sushim Hold Kaurwaki Forcibly

Today Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 5th July 2016 Written Updates Sushim Hold Kaurwaki Forcibly :- Sushim eats the dish prepared by Kaurwaki at the cookery contest after which he falls down Ashoka went to see him but Charumitra pushes him away. Siyamak puts the blame on Ashoka as he said that he is the one who mixed the poison in Sushim food and he requests Binduisara of fulfilling his promise that he has taken long ago. Chanda also cried seeing the love of her life going away.


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Raj Vaid comes checks Sushim and shakes his head seeing which Charumitra requests Bindusara to take Ashoka’s life. He says that you broke my trust and now you don’t deserve life at all. Bindusara takes out the sword and puts it around Ashoka’s neck to kill him seeing which Dharma gets scared.

But all of a sudden Raj Vaid speaks up and says that Sushim is still alive everyone had a sigh of relief. Bindusara asks Raj Vaid to do something to save his son they take Sushim to his room. Kaurwaki prays for Sushim good health so Ashoka will remain safe despite of the fact he tortured him a lot.

Sushim gets fine and everyone gets happy seeing him. He thinks that today Ashoka lost the chance of killing him but he will not do the same mistake. Kaurwaki comes in Ashoka room she saw someone putting his hand on fire and hugs him from behind but she gets shocked as it was Sushim.

After that Sushim holds Kaurwaki forcibly and starts misbehaving with her she gets a bit scared and tries to break free suddenly Ashoka came here she saw him at the door and looks at him worriedly.

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