Today Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 5th August 2016 Written Updates Ashoka Blames Siyamak

Today Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 5th August 2016 Written Updates Ashoka Blames Siyamak :- Devi founds that Anandini was behind the conspiracy because of which Kaurwaki’s hands got burnt she scolds her after which Anandini cried a lot and leaves. Sushim thinks let Ashoka be happy for sometime as he will take revenge soon. While Ashoka and Kaurwaki are about to get engaged suddenly Jagannath arrived and asked them to stop.


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 399 Written Updates

Bindusara welcomes Jagannath he tells Kaurwaki not to be shocked as this isn’t a dream but reality your father who is your culprit is standing right before you she rushes to his side and hugs him. Dharma, Ashoka, Vit and Devi are happy to see them bond. Jagannath says I realised your importance after losing you.

Jagannath says Ashoka’s decision has made me realise that it was me who was narrow minded. I was wrong, not him. He has proved it today. A mother’s love is for her every kid but a father’s trust is always only for the kid who deserves it. The kid, for whom father does so much, can never go wrong. We believed you to be dead and lost every hope. The good came in the form we never expected it to be.

Sushim assures Siyamak no one will doubt when the carts will be replaced Siyamak hopes it is good if it reaches Takshshila as soon as possible Sushim denies it will stay here in a temple no one will doubt it being here Siyamak says I am really eager to see Samrat and Ashoka’s reaction after finding out that they have lost everything and have become bankrupt.

Acharya RG tells everyone that the treasury is empty Sushim demands an answer from Ashoka who blames Siyama but he acts innocent asks Ashoka Why do you always blame me for everything that goes wrong? Lasendra tells Ashoka that he knows where the treasure is hidden.

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