Today Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 3rd August 2016 Written Updates Devi Doubts Anandini

Today Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 3rd August 2016 Written Updates Devi Doubts Anandini :- After the killing of Helena Bindusara decides to announce the next queen who will marry Ashoka looking at his issues with Kaurwaki other princesses including Anandini thinks that she will be chosen even she insulted Kaurwaki saying that she is a shameless woman and soon she will be thrown out of the palace but gets shocked when Kaurwaki name for Ashoka was being announced.


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 396 Written Updates

Ashoka and Kaurwaki keep looking at one another lovingly. O Priyatam plays. Ashoka closes the distance between them. Their romantic eye lock continues. Ashoka waves his hand before her to shake her out of her reverie but in vain. It ends up bringing a smile on his face as she keeps looking at him with love.

Sushim says let Ashoka be happy for some time. He got a chance. it happens rarely. We too have got a chance to hurt him real bad. Mahamatya comes to the place where treasury is kept. His soldiers steal some.

Anindini vows to punish both Kaurwaki and Ashoka as according to her they have cheated her. She notices someone making preperations for Kaurwaki’s bath. She intentionally collides with the Daasi so she can pick up the uptan she was taking for Kaurvaki. Anandini mixes something in Uptan so that Kaurwaki’s face can be destroyed forever.

Kaurvaki steps in the giant bathtub touches uptan she is drawn back to Ashoka’s words that she said to him last night. Anindini says forget about 7 births Ashoka wont even look at Devi for 7 minutes!. Kaurwaki screams out in pain. Devi rushes to her side. They look at Kaurvaki’s burnt hands.

Devi notices some change in the uptan after which she gets sure that someone has mixed something in it. She recalls seeing Anindini leave from the kitchen and heads to Anindini’s room to investigate.

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