Today Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 28th September 2016 Written Updates Sushmi Manipulates Bindusara

Today Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 28th September 2016 Written Updates Sushmi Manipulates Bindusara :- Sushim with Charumitra came in the courtroom after which he immediately kills all the soldiers who tries to block his path Bindusara gets shocked seeing all this he stepped down from his throne and says you should have died before stepping on this land you are very shameful person he tells his soldiers to kill him as he is Magadh enemy but before they kill him Sushim surrenders in front of his father putting his weapons down.


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Sushim walks up to his father. Charu stands amidst soldiers. Sushim says what I am going to tell you today might shock you like anything but you must know this. He leans closer to Bindu. I feel pained while saying this. you have been unsuccessful in every phase of life, as a ruler, as a husband and as a husband. Ashoka was right about you. You can neither hear things nor see them.

Bindu asks him if he isn’t ashamed to cross his limits. Sushim nods. But when I thought how my father dint realise when so much was happening right under his nose. Did you feel bad when Siamak dies? Bindu says no. Sushim asks him again. Do you know why your blood dint boil when one of your sons (Ashoka) killed the other (Siamak)? He wasn’t your blood! Bindu is stunned.

Later SUshim offers to give proof You never realised why Rani Noor used to spend more time with your brother Justin rather than you! Bindu thinks of past instances. Shock registers on his face. He holds his chest in pain, asking soldiers to stop. Sushim is my son. Charu is my wife. Bindu screams Ashoka and faints holding his chest. Ashoka stops in his track hearing (feeling) his father’s voice.

Devi asks Ashoka what happened. Ashoka says I feel something wrong is going to happen. Before something goes wrong, we have to reach Patliputra.

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