Jun 1, 2020

Today Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 28th July 2016 Written Updates Ashoka Trapped Helena

Today Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 28th July 2016 Written Updates Ashoka Trapped Helena :- Finally in front of everyone Kaurwaki true identity has been revealed as during the play she drinks poison while accepting her love for Ashoka after which he came holds her and takes her real name in front of all of them. Now as its in open she is not Padmavati ‘Charumitra, Sushim, Siyamak and Mahamatya’ are trying their best to get her punished.


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 392 Written Updates

Everyone is taken aback to knowing that Padmavati is actually Kaurwaki in reality . Dharma, Vit and Devi are all smiles. Sushim thinks Kaurvaki played with his feelings intentionally. She wanted to make Ashoka jealous. He immediately leaves from there.

Bindusara calls it an impossible alliance. No relation can be made with the enemy state (Kalinga). Dharma speaks in Kauwaki’s favour she says I have seen her and tested her. There can be no other woman better than her for Ashoka Bindusata calls Kaurwaki a liar he says she lied to us to be here. Dharma agrees. I too hid my identity to save you. It was important. Life becomes meaningless when you are away from your loved one. Who can understand it better than us?

Dharma says to Bindusara We are their parents. We must understand this. Only Kaurwaki can complete Ashoka. Bindu refuses to buy any of her logics but Dharma has full faith that Kaurwaki will be Ashoka’s shield. Trust me.

Helena says Ashoka has laid a trap to catch me. He hasn’t left any option for me. Ashoka appoints his spies and soldiers on duty. Helena has sent a letter to Unan to ask for help. Ashoka instructs his soldiers to get him information as soon as possible.

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