Today Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 25th August 2016 Written Updates Dharma Wants Devi to Marry Ashoka

Today Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 25th August 2016 Written Updates Dharma Wants Devi to Marry Ashoka :- Jagannath gains consciousness about whats happening around him he says to Bindu for a second I thought my end is near to which Bindu replied saying I will make sure it doesn’t happen till the you give your daughters Kaurvaki hand in my son Ashoka hand everyone is puzzled to see them thus Bindu tells everyone not to be tensed as it was a friendly gesture only.


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Jagannath adds that their relations will change tomorrow. We thought to sort everything before entering that new phase. Everyone leaves from there one by one. Dharma is very much tensed. She asks kaurvaki and Ashoka what they are doing here. I told you not to see each other as it is inauspicious. Devi apologizes on their behalf. It is natural though as their fathers were engaged in a sword fight. Your shout brought them here. They only came as they were really concerned.

Sushim angrily vows to set Bindu on fire. I wont spare him. Charu tries to stop him but in vain. She slaps him. I want to see him dead more than you. He is my husband but I dint get love of husband from him ever. I am the mother of his eldest son yet I dint get the respect I deserve. I am waiting for the right time. We know the truth now. We will have to hide this from Samrat. Siamak notices Bindu on door. Everyone goes quiet. Bindu asks them what it is that they went quiet as soon as he came here. Mahamatya says we only came to wish Sushim as it is his last night as a bachelor. Bindu turns to Sushim. I am eager to see you dressed as a groom and then take up the responsibility of Magadh.

Devi asks Dharma which other girl will take Kaurvaki’s place there cannot be anyone other than Kaurvaki for Ashoka Dharma says there is one Devi asks her who she is talking about Dharma takes Devi’s name. It is you who should be with Ashoka. Devi looks at her in shock and gets stunned about her decision.

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