Today Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 24th August 2016 Written Updates Charu Hears Ashoka Lasendra

Today Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 24th August 2016 Written Updates Charu Hears Ashoka Lasendra :- Dharma turns and stops in her tracks upon noticing Lasendra she says I don’t have a right to interfere in your family matters but I overheard what you just said I don’t know about the prophecy and if it will come true or not but I know that ordinary people depend on fate but extraordinary people write their own fate. I have faith in Ashoka that he isn’t ordinary. You can change fate with your karma if you want to. Separating Kaurvaki from Ashoka will mean making him weak.


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 412 Written Updates

Vit hears the sound of conch and runs to meet his mother. Devi thinks to complete the chunri Ashoka covers Kaurvaki’s eyes and brings her near the fountain. She is mesmerised seeing the place. He lifts her up in his arms. We are meeting last time as lovers. Afterwards, we will meet as husband and wife. I want to make this moment memorable for you. She smiles shyly as he makes her sit in the swing. O priyatam plays. Ashoka says our relation is like this swing only. Circumstances separate us but you try your best to come closer to me always. I am thankful to you for that. He hugs her from behind.

Bindu, Charu and Dharma have gathered for the puja. Purohit ji asks Bindu to think of their Kuldevi. As soon as the puja ends you will take name of Sushim and his would be wife with Charu. You will do the same with for Ashoka with Dharma. You will give aahuti so Kuldevi blesses both your sons and their wives. Dharma thinks of Ashoka’s love for Kaurvaki and is in a fix. Kaurvaki stood by my son in his every step. How can I separate her from Ashoka? Kaurvaki gets up and walks a little away. ashoka asks her to come closer to him. She reminds him that it was her only who always came closer to him. you even ignored me intentionally even when I was in front of you. You hurt me intentionally. What did you do? He replies that he loved her. She points out that you need to show it too.

Ashoka tells Lasendra he doesn’t have to remind her of his promise I have made my plan already this time father is on my side He might have made SUshim the prince of Magadh and Siyamak the Viceroy of Takshshila but I will kill them both before that this brother will kill his own brothers. This will be the first time in history when a brother will kill his own brothers. I will build united India after becoming the Samrat of Magadh! Charu is stunned to hear all this.

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