Feb 19, 2020

Today Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 15th July 2016 Written Updates Kondna Gets Scared

Today Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode 15th July 2016 Written Updates Kondna Gets Scared :- Because of Kauwaki brave efforts Ashoka was finally being proved innocent in the courtroom and Uttar drinks poison after which he immediately died seeing this everyone gets shocked. Devi informs Ashoka about Kaurwaki he went to see her in her room he she was very much injured he then lifts her in his arms lover her cares for her takes her name which absolutely shocks Devi.


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Ashoka also announced that he won’t spare Kondna as she is against of his motherland. He also confesses to Devi when Devi insists him to ask why he kept himself away from Kaurvaki. He kept himself away from Kaurvaki as he thinks that has no right to give pain to Kaurvaki instead of happiness and he also asked Devi to go away from his life as in his life the girls will be only having pain.

He also said to Devi that he is grateful to her as she was always there to support him when he need and he also appreciates Devi as she always take care of his mother Dharma and his kid brother Vit. But he pledge Devi to go away from his life with Kaurvaki. As he said that he is only here for his motherland Magadh and he will also dedicates his life for the welfare of his motherland. He gives up his choice for the material life. Devi feels emotional and leaved form there.

Outside the palace Ashoka hangs Uttar and burn his body telling everyone whoever will go against us will face the same fate which scares Mahamatya, Sushim and Siyamak. They went to Kondna and even she gets too much scared saying that he is a big danger for all of them. Then they plan to bring someone to kill Ashoka.

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