Today Amma Episode 9 July 2016 Written Updates Zeenat Kills Inspector Prajapati

Today Amma Episode 9 July 2016 Written Updates Zeenat Kills Inspector Prajapati :- Zeenat Mama Mami throws her out of her own house after which she was staying with a transgender she called her sister and gives her shelter. She said that she want to do some work on her own and asks for help. She meets Shekhar Anna who is a local South Indian don and he gives her an iron & a house to work fetch her earning seeing this humility Zeenat gets very happy.


Amma Episode 5 Written Updates

A corrupt inspector named PK Prajapati came to the town and asks everyone for extortion Zeenat says no but he falls in love with her and tells her to accept him as her husband she opposes after which he takes her daughter away. Zeenat went to Shekhar Anna for help he tells her to go and hunt the inspector.

Shekhar Anna offers Zeenat a gun but she went away without taking it. She went to police station where Prajapati was waiting for her he gets happy seeing her and tells her to keep your daughter out come inside and close the door for sometime.
Zeenat went inside and closed the door.

Zeenat takes out the sword to kill inspector he gets shocked seeing it and runs away for his life she follows him and manages to kill him in the end. Shekhar Anna takes the blame of killing inspector and went to jail saving her. Zeenat takes care of Shekhar Anna’s empire.

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