Today 24 India Season 2 Episode 6 August 2016 Written Updates Jai in Danger

Today 24 India Season 2 Episode 6 August 2016 Written Updates Jai in Danger :- Jai has reached Pune Prison facility to get Roshan Sherchan released with an all new plan while Kush has been taken into custody by Haroon men along with his girlfriend Mitali. SP Joshi received a call from ATU informing them that Jai Singh Rathore is on leave from last six months so don’t share any secrets with him.


24 India Season 2 Episode 5 Written Updates 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

All the incidents took place between the real time of 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Jain threatens SP Joshi that he has his son in his custody so co-operate with him otherwise things are not going to be good for his son he agrees. Shankar did some wiring with the power circuits while in ATU they were trying to find the number of the van in which Kush was being taken.

Finally in ATU they managed to crack the number while Mallick tells Gyan to find what Jai is up to on the other Haroon tells Gyan that he don’t think so that Jai will be able to get his brother released from prison. SP Joshi press the button of the remote and short circuit happened.

Fire broke out in all the prison and gates were being opened criminals released Jai escaped with Roshan Sherchan but on their way they got caught by some dangerous criminals who played a game with them of death and Jai is in serious trouble right now.

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