May 30, 2020

Today 24 India Season 2 Episode 31st July 2016 Written Updates SP Joshi Finds Jai Truth

Today 24 India Season 2 Episode 31st July 2016 Written Updates SP Joshi Finds Jai Truth :- As Roshan Sherchan killed the inspector PM gives the suggestion of transferring him to another cell meanwhile Vedant and his men went to Kush house but he manages to escape the scientists haven’t found any virus there apart from drugs they got confused where the actually Virus is right now.


24 India Season 2 Episode 4 Written Updates 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

All the incidents took place between the real time of 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

ATU’s current chief Shibani Mallick interrogates the person they caught finally she manages to find out that virus is in Kush’s body as he is the carrier. Kush is captured by haroons men. Haroon updates maya about the meeting at 8 in the night and also tell her that Jai is helping them to get Roshan out of jail.

Jai asks Gyaan to send a fake mail to jail Superintend Joshi. Maya questions Jai about his true intentions, why he is trying to free Roshan. Kiran tells Veer to give dad another chance as she thinks he is doing all this because of a reason but he refused.

In the episode end, ATU gets to know that Jai was present in the jail during Roshan’s cell transfer and they let S.P. Joshi know that Jai is no more working with ATU as he is on sick leave from the last 6 months and Joshi here’s this with Jai sitting in front if him.

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