Jun 1, 2020

Today 24 India Season 2 Episode 23rd July 2016 Written Updates Jai Meets Roshan Sherchan

Today 24 India Season 2 Episode 23rd July 2016 Written Updates Jai Meets Roshan Sherchan :- Jai Singh Rathore is back as 24 Season 2 has started from today onwards on Colors Channel in which he will save the whole country from a deadly virus this time but in his whole journey of 24 hours a lot of faces will get uncovered truths will be revealed and we will see who will pay the ultimate penalty this time around.


24 India Season 2 Episode 1 Written Updates 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

All the incidents took place between the real time of 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

A group of scientists entered a secret facility and they saw some bodies after testing them the chief scientist says that experiment is successful after which he was being shot dead.

Outside ATS Headquarters a dead body was being thrown out with a message in a pen drive attached to it in which it was shown to free convict of bomb blasts Roshan Sherchan in next 24 hours otherwise they will release a deadly virus which will kill the whole country.

Jai Singh Rathore who was at a rehabilitation centre went to meet a guy and told him why you double crossed Muzaffar then he killed him. After this he went straight to Police station where he met Roshan Sherchan who was serving death sentence he told him that I will free you from here as I hope your last hope.

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