TNA IMPACT Wrestling 5 July 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates

TNA IMPACT Wrestling 5 July 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates :- Another awesome episode of TNA Impact Wrestling has been aired earlier tonight and we have watched Killer Kross making a Debut also Konnan Attacker Revealed as well Original LAX Returns and a lots more about which we will reveal in this article further.

TNA IMPACT 5 July 2018 Match Card & Results

1. Fenix defeated Rich Swann in a Singles Match

2. Killer Kross defeated Fallah Bahh w/KM in a Singles match

3. Allie and Madison Rayne defeated Su Yung and the Undead Maid of Honor in a Womens Tag Team Match

4. Katarina w/Grado defeated Rebel in a Womens Singles match

5. Brian Cage defeated Kongo Kong w/Jimmy Jacobs in a singles match

TNA IMPACT 5 July 2018 Highlights

1. After the match, oVe hits the ring and attacks Fenix. Jake is about to rip off Fenix’s mask. Pentegon Jr. hits the ring and makes the save. As Fenix and Pentagon Jr. pose in the ring, Pentagon Jr. kicks Fenix in the nuts and hits the package piledriver. Pentagon Jr. takes off his mask and its Sami Callihan. Swann tries to help Fenix but is quickly taken out. Callihan is about to rip off Fenix’s mask but the real Pentagon Jr. hits the ring. Pentagon Jr. hits a huge dive onto Callihan and oVe.

2. Backstage, Madison Rayne says there are a lot of unknowns when it comes to Su Yung. Rayne is happy to have Allie by her side as she walks through the darkness. Allie says Rosemary warned her not to get caught up in the darkness. Yung thinks she has killed Allie but she really just opened up a new side of Allie.

3. After the match, Kross continues to beat down Bahh.KM tries to make the save but Kross puts him to sleep. Petey Williams hits the ring and blasts Kross with a chair. It has no effect. Willams hits Kross again. Still no effect. Williams launches the chair into Kross’ face. Kross falls to the outside but lands on his feet. Kross slowly walks away.

4. Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs says he isn’t a bad guy. From day one he has told us that Kongo Kong is the Monster. Brian Cage is a bad guy. Cage lies to everyone when he calls himself “the Machine”. Cage is just a man. Jacobs is a Princess. He always gets what he wants.

5. Backstage, Gama Singh berates the Dasi Hit Squad for celebrating their victory last week. Gama tells them both they must listen to him and the will be the next tag team champions.

6. Backstage, Santana and Ortiz tell King to take it easy on Konnan. King says there is not proof. Konnan disrespected him when he didn’t shake King’s hand. King wasn’t to see this magical proof Konnan has. King says Konnan is done. There are snakes everywhere. Konnan is hating on King because he came in made Santana and Ortiz better. King says let’s go to the ring to see this proof. King storms off.

7. During a training video, Gama berates and tortures the Desi Hit Squad.

8. Backstage, oVe and Callihan make fun of masked wrestlers. Callihan says Pentagon Jr. could have stayed out of their way but Pentagon Jr. had to get involved. Next week they are going to take Penta’s masks, Fenix’s mask, and Swann entire face. Callihan is taking everything.

9. During a taped segment Austin Aries says he is here because not because he failed at his first career like Moose did. Wrestling isn’t Aries dream, it is what he was born to do. Aries tells the story of his rise to prominence as someone who actually had to work to get where he is. Moose had the red carpet rolled out for him. Aries says he doesn’t care how big Moose is or how hard he trains. Moose will never match up to Aries mentally. When Aries is done with Moose, maybe Moose will get lucky and the XFL can use him as a sh*tty offensive lineman.

10. Backstage, Konnan is on the phone saying he has proof that King is a snake. After Konnan spills the tea, it’s going to be on between him and King.

11. After getting bloodied by Eddie Edwards, Tommy Dreamer says Edwards has it all and is throwing his career away. Dreamer says he doesn’t want to go home beaten and bloody. Dreamer says Edwards thinks he is f’n Edwards wife? Dreamer says Edwards wife is 25 years old. Have you seen what Dreamer looks like? Dreamer says no one makes him bleed his own blood on his show. Nobody!

12. Backstage, Katarina tells Grado that she has a surprise. Joe Hendry walks in and sings Grado a song. Grado is thrilled. Grado asks how they know each other. Hendry says he and Katarina go way back. Grado starts a group hug.

13. Konnan says they need to clear the air. Konnan asks King to come to the ring. LAX and King join Konnan in the ring. King tells Konna to go ahead. Konnan says he isn’t so mad that King put a hit out on him. Konnan list all of the ways he has helped King over the years. King says he doesn’t know what Konnan has been smoking lately but where is his proof. Konnan says the calls that King were making to Konnan for orders never actually happened.

14. King says it’s Konnan’s word against his. Konnan says King is nothing about a glory hole. King says you know what? Konnan is right. King admits to putting the hit out. King tells Konnan to walk away before Konnan gets shot in the back of the head like Old Yeller. Santana and Ortiz square up on King. King tries to convince them to he made the right call. Ortiz and Santana give King the finger. Homicide and Hernadez attack Santana and Ortiz from behind. The Original LAX and King stand tall after the beatdown.

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