Apr 1, 2020

TNA IMPACT Wrestling 3 May 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates

TNA IMPACT Wrestling 3 May 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates :- The latest spectacular episode of TNA Impact Wrestling has just been ended and tonight we have seen carnage happen as Rosemary and Su Yung came face to face also Taya Valkyrie faces Kiera Hogan in a womes singles match also a lot more about which we will reveal further.

Tonights episode of TNA Impact Wrestling starts with an in-ring segment featuring Eli Drake calling everyone in the crowd dummies. Drake says he told his partner Scott Steiner to take the night off and focus on his freaks. Drake refers to Austin Aries as an idiot with a banana and Impact world champion Pentagon Jr. as an idiot with a mask. Drake says Pentagon has one week. Drake is cashing in his feast or fired case. Pentagon Jr. comes out to the ring. Pentagon Jr. gets in Drake’s face. Pentagon does his taunt in Drake’s face as Drake raises his feast or fired case in Pentagon Jr’s face. Pentagon says something that gets bleeped.

TNA IMPACT 3 May 2018 Match Card & Results

1. oVe vs KM and Fallah Bahh in a Tag Team match

2. DJ Z, Dezmond Xavier, and Andrew Everett vs Fantasma, Aerostar, and Drago in a Lucha Rules Tag Match

3. Matt Sydal defeated Taiji Ishimori in X-Division Championship match

4. Su Yung vs Rosemary womens singles match ended in a no contest

5. Taya Valkyrie vs. Kiera Hogan womens singles match ended in a no contest

TNA IMPACT 3 May 2018 Highlights

1. Backstage, Kiera Hogan says she asked for her rematch against Taya Valkyrie so she can try to have her redemption. Tessa Blanchard walks in and tells Hogan that girls like her will always take a backseat to women like her. Hogan tells the only thing Blanchard is good at is sitting back and watching. Blanchard can watch as Hogan defeats Valkyrie tonight.

2. Backstage, Grado tells Joseph Park that he has a girlfriend. Park asks to see a picture but Grado says he can’t show him one. Aries walks in and say he knows that everyone is concerned about him not being champion anymore but that will change soon. Grado offers Aries a jelly bean but Aries slaps it out if Grado’s hand and tells him to eat some real food. Aries goes Grado a banana and walks away.

3. After the match between oVe vs KM and Fallah Bahh, KM surprisingly shakes Bahh’s hand.

4. After the lucha rules tag match, everyone shakes hands.

5. Backstage, Aries runs into Drake. Aries says he is going to wish Drake luck on his title match. That said, no matter who wins Aries will be winning his title back. Aries tells Drake that he wants Drake to win because he knows he can beat him.

6. Footage is shown of Tommy Dreamer picking up Eddie Edwards from jail.

7. Tommy Dreamer tries to get Edwards to understand that his obsession is going to be the end of him.

8. Backstage, Allie tells Rosemary that she is going to be in her corner tonight. Rosemary says no multiple times. Rosemary says this isn’t what she wants but its how it has to be. Allie agrees.

9. Su Yung puts Rosemary in the casket and closes the lid.

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