Apr 1, 2020

TNA IMPACT Wrestling 24 May 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates

TNA IMPACT Wrestling 24 May 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates :- Brand new episode of TNA Impact Wrestling has been aired earlier tonight and we have watched Edwards Assaults Callihan, Sydal Defends His Gold and a lot more about which we will reveal further in this article below.

TNA IMPACT 24 May 2018 Match Card & Results

1. oVe defeated Aerostar and Drago in a Tag Team Match

2. The Cult of Lee defeated LAX in a Tag Team match

3. Matt Sydal (c) defeated El Hijo Del Fantasma in a Singles X-Division Championship Match

4. Dezmond Xavier defeated Petey Williams in a Singles match (Winner Will face Brian Cage Next Week)

5. Moose defeated Kongo Kong in a singles match

TNA IMPACT 24 May 2018 Highlights

1. Callihan runs into the ring and Edwards levels him with the kendo stick. Edwards chokes Callihan with the kendo stick to the point that his Callihan’s eyes roll in the back of the head and his face is beet red. Security eventually pulls Edwards off Callihan. Alisha is on the outside of the ring screaming for Edwards to stop. Edwards lays out all the referees and security with the kendo stick. Edwards laughs as he realizes the carnage left in his wake.

2. Backstage, Alisha asks Edwards why he is acting like this. Edwards says it isn’t over. Alisha says Edwards is acting like Callihan. Edwards says this isn’t over until he destroys Callihan.

3. Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs says he is a good guy. Grado accused them of attack Joseph Park last week. They just had to defend themselves. Moose got in the way of them teaching Grado a lesson. Tonight, Jacobs wants to see Kongo Kong break Moose into pieces. Why? Because Jacobs is a Princess and he always gets what he wants.

4. Backstage, KM tells Fallah Bahh that since Bahh is has followed KM’s fitness plan he looks so much better. They run into Grado and Katarina. KM asks how a fat ass like Grado got a woman who looks like Katarina. Katarina says she is a bit of a chubby chaser. KM tells Bahh that if Grado can get a girl that looks like that, Bahh should hit her with his best line. Bahh looks at Katarina, gives her a wink and says Bahh. Grado and Katarina leave.

5. Backstage, Madison Rayne says she didn’t come back to be an in-ring competitor. Rayne is just supposed to call the matches. Rayne can’t sit back and watch bullies. Tessa Blanchard walks in and tells Rayne to stay out of her way and go back to being a stay at home mom.

6. Backstage, Scott Steiner and Eli Drake interrupt the new tag champs Z&E. Steiner and Drake get into an argument about whose fault it is that they lost the titles. Steiner walks away in a huff.

7. Backstage, LAX is destroying the hideout. Eddie Kingston comes in and says they need to calm down. Konnan is safe. He got jumped and is in a safe spot healing up. Homicide is with him. Kingston runs New York and because of the chain of command, he is charge now. LAX’s name used to ring in the streets but now it doesn’t they have to get back to their roots. LAX has to mean something again. Ortiz and Santana agree.

8. During a video package, Allie is wearing Rosemary’s gear and her face is painted. “Don’t let the darkness consume you, B.- R” Is writing in lipstick on the mirror. Allie says she is sorry and walks away.

9. Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs is found laid out with one of the strange red notes left on top of him.

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