Apr 3, 2020

TNA IMPACT Wrestling 18 May 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates

TNA IMPACT Wrestling 18 May 2018 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates :- Another superb episode of TNA Impact Wrestling has happening earlier tonight and we have seen Kiera Hogan Battles Tessa Blanchard, New Champions Crowned, Huge Tag Team Main Event and a lot more about which we will reveal further in this article.

TNA IMPACT 18 May 2018 Match Card & Results

1. DJ Z and Andrew Everett defeated Eli Drake and Scott Steiner (c) in a Tag Team Match for Impact Tag Team Championship Match:

2. Tessa Blanchard defeated Kiera Hogan in a womens singles match

3. Kongo Kong w/Jimmy Jacobs defeated Grado in a singles match

4. Eddie Edwards defeated Sami Callahan in a Street Fight At House Of Hardcore match

5. Brian Cage defeated Facade in a singles match

6. Fantasma and Impact Champion Pentagon Jr. defeated X-Division Champion Matt Sydal and Grand Champion Austin Aries in a tag team match

TNA IMPACT 18 May 2018 Highlights

1. Backstage, Z & E celebrate their title win.

2. After the match, Blanchard kicks Hogan in the face. Blanchard beats down Hogan. Blanchard sets up another hammerlock DDT. Madison Rayne runs to the ring and makes the save.

3. Backstage, Grado and Katarina confront Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong about Joesph Park being attacked last week. Jacobs says he never had any interest Park, they only cared about Abyss. Katarina tells Grado that no one talks to Grado like that. Katarina accepts Jacob’s challenge.

4. After the match, Katarina slowly walks away. Kong sends Grado into the ring steps. Jacobs and Kong set the stairs on the apron. Kong picks up Grado to drive him head first into the steps. Moose comes out and attacks Kong. Jacobs distracts Moose long enough for Kong to attack Moose from behind. Kong brings Moose into the ring. Moose boots Kong in the face. Moose clotheslines Kong over the top rope.

5. Backstage, the Cult of Lee makes fun of LAX.

6. After the match, Edwards chokes Callahan with a pipe. The locker room clears and the wrestler pulls Edwards off of Callahan. Tommy Dreamer comes out and stares at Edwards.

7. Backstage, KM tries to convince Fallah Bahh he has lost 70 pounds. KM suggest Bahh allows him to give him a makeover. A montage of KM prettying up Bahh is shown. Baah and KM walk around like superstars. Bahh runs into Kiera Hogan and winks at her. Hogan looks intrigued.

8. We are sent to a cemetery. The Undead Bridesmaids are carrying a coffin. Su Yung drops dead roses on the coffin. Yung instructed the Bridesmaids to carry to Coffin into the woods. Yung spits fire on the coffin and it catches fire.

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