TNA IMPACT 4 November 2016 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates

TNA IMPACT 4 November 2016 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates :- The latest episode of 2nd most popular weekly wrestling show TNA Impact has recently concluded tonight where we have seen three championships were being defended on the same night also a huge TNA Title Match announced for next week also a lot more interesting developements have been taken place and we will reveal regarding all this in our article further.


Tonights episode of TNA Impact begins with In-ring segment: Brandi Rhodes

Brandi says she just wants to thank everyone for checking in on her husband Cody after the attack last week. She appreciates everything he has done for her and all the support he has given her when she decided to make her way to Impact Wrestling. Brandi goes on to say that she has a message for Bobby Lashley: you may have knocked Cody down, but he won’t stay down. Before Brandi can go on, Maria and Sienna hit the ring. Maria tells Brandi that she has a choice to make. Is she going to go home and take care of her husband? Or is she going to stay here and swim with the sharks?

Brandi asks if Maria is trying to threaten her. Maria says she isn’t, but she will teach Brandi a lesson, much like she did Allie. Maria offers Brandi a spot with her group. Brandi says her name carries respect and even though she doesn’t have Maria’s she sure as hell doesn’t need it. Maria asks Brandi if she is sure. Sienna gets in Brandi’s face. Brandi punches Sienna in the face. Sienna drops like a sack of potatoes. Brandi gets in Maria’s face, but Sienna attacks her from behind and lays her out with the AK47.

TNA IMPACT 4 November 2016 Match Card & Results

1. Jesse Godderz defeated Aron Rex (C.) in the round one of Impact Grand Championship Match

2. Jesse Godderz defeated Aron Rex (C.) in the round two of Impact Grand Championship Match

3. Aron Rex (C.) defeated Jesse Godderz in the round three of Impact Grand Championship Match

4. DJZ & Braxton Sutter & Mandrews defeated Marshe Rockett & Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett and Rockstar Spud & Decay in TNA X-Division Champion

5. The Broken Hardyz (C) vs. The DCC TNA Tag Team Championship Match ended in a no contest

6. Eddie Edwards (C) defeated Bobby Lashley in a singles TNA Champipnship match

TNA IMPACT 4 November 2016 Highlights

1. Brandi Rhodes refused to join Maria’s group

2. Brand attacks Sienna but she gets up and lays her down with her finisher AK47

3. Referee ejects Decay from the ring which leaves Rockstar Spud alone on his own

4. Broken Matt summons the masks men who pointed at them last week to face them in the ring right now

5. The DCC leave the Hardyz laying. As the DDC are trying to leave Brother Nero grabs a mic and demands that the DCC get back in the ring

6. Broken Matt takes off the masked man’s mask, but there is another mask on top of it. The masked man kicks Broken Matt and Broken Matt falls off the forklift. When Brother Nero goes to check on him, Matt says he is fine and asks who Brother Nero is

7. Eli Drake says next week they are going to make history. Next week… he is going to cash in his shot at the word title. Whoever wins the main event tonight will face Drake next week.

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