May 28, 2020

TNA IMPACT 22 June 2016 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates

TNA IMPACT 22 June 2016 Results Winners Losers Highlights Written Updates :- The brand new episode of TNA IMPACT Wrestling just happened where we have seen a new X-Division Champion being crowned also Marti Belle hot in ring appearance and Dixie Carter confrontation with Maria Kanellis after slapping her last week. There was also Revenge of the Hardys that take place and we will give you all the details regarding this in the article further.


Tonight episode of TNA IMPACT starts with Galloway saying that he’s not here to complain and bitch. He should be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and he’s not because of one man, EC3. Galloway tells EC3 to get his ass to the ring. EC3 walks down to the ring. EC3 said that he had no intention to cost Galloway the title. EC3 apologizes. Galloway says that he’s not looking to blame EC3, he wants to fight him. Galloway says that EC3 join the commentary team because he wanted to be in the match last week. EC3 says that Galloway has been burning the candle at both ends. Galloway has burnt himself out. Galloway says that EC3 should thank him for traveling all around the world defending the name of the TNA Brand. EC3 said that he did the same thing and TNA gave both of them the opportunity.

Galloway says that EC3 is not the ass kicking machine, he’s the ass kissing machine. EC3 says that just like Bobby Lashley made Galloway his bitch, Galloway is going to become EC3’s bitch. Bobby Lashley comes out to the stage. Lashley blames EC3 for what happen last week. Galloway and EC3 suggests that they have a match and whoever wins will go after 8ball. Lashley knows that EC3 and Galloway are relentless, but he’s has a idea that will kill two birds with one stone. Lashley said that he talked to TNA Management, we’re going to have a tag team match. If Galloway & EC3’s wins they’ll get what they want, but if Galloway & EC3’s losses tonight, well Lashley’s partner Eli Drake will become the number one contender. Drake says that whenever Lashley is ready, ELI DRAKE will become the first ever simultaneous champion in TNA history. Drake says that we need a referee to come out here because it’s going to be the dream team vs. The Dummy’s, it’s not a insult it’s just a fact of life.

TNA IMPACT 22 June 2016 Match Card & Results

1. Drew Galloway & Ethan Carter III defeated Bobby Lashley & Eli Drake in a tag team match

2. Marti Belle defeated Jade in a divas singles match

3. Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis defeated Eddie Edwards in a singles match for the TNA X-Division Championship

4. Braxton Sutter defeated Rockstar Spud in a singles match

5. Jeff Hardy defeated Matt Hardy in a Six Sides of Steel Cage Match

TNA IMPACT 22 June 2016 Highlights

1. Steve spits Green Mist at the face of Bram.

2. Abyss and Steve from Decay beats down Bram

3. Lashley told Galloway not to be so happy about his win. He said that he had the power to give EC3 the first title match if he wanted to, and could beat him any time he wanted to.

4. Dixie says that she regrets letting Maria get to her and she apologizes.

5. Maria said that she wants Dixie to step down as president of TNA Wrestling

6. Corgan announces that Bennett will take on Eddie Edwards for the X-Division Championship.

7. Mike Bennett becomes the New TNA X-Division Champion

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