The Voice India Season 2 Episode 2 Blind Auditions Written Details 11 December 2016

The Voice India Season 2 Episode 2 Blind Auditions Written Details 11 December 2016 :- One of the most watched and interesting singing reality show The Voice India has started once again as the season 2 has just begin on &TV with four top rocking judges which includes Shaan, Benny Dayal, Neeti Mohan and Salim Merchant they all will be seen selecting contestant through blind auditions during the next few weeks after which the chosen ones will get trained by their mentors and compete against reach other finally one of them will be crowned as the Ultimate Voice of India.


The second episode of The Voice India season 2 begins with the first contestant of the day coming his name was Paran Maan and he’s from Jalandhar, Punjab his age is 23 yrs he sings song Ramta Jogi firstly Benny Dayal pressed the buzzer and chair turned followed by Neeti Mohan soon after Shaan also turned his chair at last Salim Merchant pressed the button so all four judges got impressed by him crowd chants once more once more all the mentors praised him a lot finally Paras decides to go in Salim Merchant’s team

Next contestant came Sameer Hussain from Rajasthan Bikaner he’s 20 yrs old he sings song Tere Bin Ni Jeena Mar Jaana only Neeti Mohan pressed the buzzer and turned chair for him and directly he went into her team. Sameer reveal that at Mumbai he works singing in a beer bar he revealed that he lied to his parents regarding his work they also came with him and finds out about his reality. Neeti welcomes him into her team.

Third contestant came Shilpa Surroch from Himachal Pradesh she’s 26 yrs old she performed on song Inteha Ho Gayi Intezaar Ki all four judges pressed the buzzer and turned their chairs for her they praised her a lot and gave her a standing ovation Shilpa gave them flying kiss Neeti Mohan called her Diva. Shipa started crying as tears of joy coming from her eyes. Benny Dayal called her a miz of Tina Turner and Beyonce. Benny even sings Inteha Ho Gayi with her finally Shilpa decides to go in Benny Dayal’s team.

Up next was double blind twist as there was a curtain in front of the singer even the introduction was not given to the viewers he sings song Laal Ishq finally all four judges pressed the buzzer and they got shocked seeing the curtain Neeti checked behind there was a boy his name was Yashodhan Rao Kadam all the judges starts praising and tries to convince to get him in their team finally Yashodhan decides to go in Salim Merchant’s team.

Next participant was Meghana Bhat from Bengaluru she’s 21 yrs old she sung song Haye Rama Yeh Kya Hua first Neeti turned the chair for her followed by Benny Dayal and Shaan they praised her voice a lot finally she decides to go in Shaan’s team.

After that judges did some fun thereafter next contestants came a couple from Lucknow, UP there names were Amaan and Anamta they both sung together they sung song I Love You song from Bodyguard film unfortunately none of the judges pressed buzzer for them they gave their introduction that they are husband wife they praised them a lot after which leave.

At the end of the show Salim and Neeti sing a duet together Ishq Waala Love with Shaan & Benny Dayal dancing and enjoying on it.

The teams that were selected by the four rockstar judges of The Voice India Season 2 in the second episode are as follows :-

Salim Merchant team – Parakhjeet Singh, Paras Maan and Yashodhan Rao Kadam
Neeti Mohan team – Mohammad Danish and Sameer Hussain
Benny Dayal team – Krunal Thakur and Shilpa Surroch
Shaan team – Neha Khankriyal and Meghana Bhat

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