Jan 29, 2020

The Voice India Episode 6 Written Details 21 June 2015

The 6th episode of Voice India begins with the introduction of the contestants who left their jobs & studies for their passion of music. Then comes the first performer of the day its the Abhik Ghosh from Durgapur, West Bengal. He sung the track Bas Mujhe Chahte Ho. Shaan and Mika Singh both pressed the buzzer for him but in the end he choose Mika as his mentor. Up next was the turn of 31 yrs old Jaysinh Gadhavi from Gandhinagar, Gujarat. He sung Ishq Sufiyana. Only Himesh Reshammiya turned the chair for him and becomes his coach. Next was Mona Bhatt from Almora, Uttrakhand. She sung Sunn Raha Hai Na Tu from Aashiqui 2. Shaan, Mika and Himesh are the judges pressed buzzer for her and after so much of hard efforts she chose HR as her mentor.


Coming performer was the 17 yrs old guy from Behrampur, Orissa Sai Shastri Mohan Bisoyi. He sung Lagan lag gayi hai. Mika, Shaan and HR pressed the buzzer for him but in the end he chose Shaan as his mentor. Next singer was Shyam Ghediya from Vadodara, Gujarat. He dedicated his performance to his father but unfortunately no one pressed the buzzer for him as the judges have not got impressed by him. Coming performer was Meet Jain from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He sung O Re Piya. All the four judges pressed the buzzer for him but in the end he opted for Shaan as his mentor.

Then its the turn of the last performer of the day Bengali girl Dishwaryaa Chhatui. The 19 yrs old singer sung a classical and only Sunidhi Chauhan hit the buzzer for her in the last few seconds of her performers & becomes her mentor automatically for the rest of the show.

The teams we have on paper after the six episodes of The Voice India by our four rockstar judges were as follows :-

Sunidhi Chauhan team – Sargam, Rishabh Chaturvedi, Anshumann Paul, Shristi Bhandari, Parth Doshi, Premnath Kotwal, Garima Khiste, Sunidhi Ghatate and Dishwaryaa Chhatui

Mika Singh team – Sahil Solanki, Tanu Srivastava, Tanvir Singh, Manisha Chakravarty, Parampara Thakur, Jyotica Tangri and Abhik Ghosh

Himesh Reshammiya team – Kushal Chokshi, Sanjana Bhola, Piyush Ambhore, Nalini Krishnan, Sayan Chaudhary, Rohan Pathak, Sakshi Chauhan, Anish Mathew, Jaysinh Gadhavi and Mona Bhatt

Shaan team – Amrapali Shinde, Varsha Krishnan, Ritu Agarwal, Pawandeep Rajan, Snigdhajit Bhowmik, Saurav Sharmaa, Akash Ojha, Orissa Sai Shastri Mohan Bisoyi and Meet Jain

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