The Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 17th November 2016 Written Updates Joon Jae Kisses Shim Chung Underwater

The Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 17th November 2016 Written Updates Joon Jae Kisses Shim Chung Underwater :- Recently started South Korean drama on SBS network The Legend of the Blue Sea has already created quite an impqact with the opening episode where we witnessed Joon Jae after getting Shim Chung arrested went to get her released from the police station telling the officers that she is his wife it is a beautiful romance series between a Royal family son and a mermaid and we will tell you about what happened in the second episode.


The Legend of The Blue Sea Episode 2 Written Updates

The Legend of the Blue Sea” episode 2 opened in the past timeline where Kim Dam Lim (Lee Min Ho) is playing with a sky lantern with some children. It went astray so he followed it to the sea. As he was approaching it, he heard some noise and asked who’s there. Shim Chung (Jun Ji Hyun) emerged from the rocks and they had a conversation (she can actually speak). Meanwhile, Lord Yang (Sung Dong Il) got a report, (this man is making me nervous, he has a grudge on Dam Lim). The next scene shows Dam Lim surprising Shim Chung with sky lanterns.

We came back to the 21st century in Spain a few minutes later in “The Legend of the Blue Sea” episode 2, where Heo Joon Jae picked up Shim Chung from the mall. He gave her his jacket, bought her hot coffee and blew it for her as they drove off. Joon Jae asked if she really didn’t have anywhere to go but she was fixated on the coffee. They reached the hotel and Joon Jae gave her a change of clothes while he went to the shower. Shim Chung found another thing to play with! She was turning the electricity on and off while Joon Jae was taking a bath. Joon Jae went to find her in his robe and she acted all cutesy while he was lecturing her. He said she is not his type and for her not to even dream about it.

Joon Jae got a phone call from Cha Si Ah (Shin Hye Sun) but he was not able to get it. In Seoul, Han Sung Tae’s wife (Kim Sung Ryung) found out she was conned and asked his men to find Joon Jae. Back in the Spain hotel, Shim Chung suddenly popped out beside Joon Jae while he was watching a movie. Shim Chung grabbed it from him and he went up to sleep. She’s destroying the laptop the way she handled it. The next thing we saw, she was laughing, crying and mimicking some scenes from the movies. Joon Jae was surprised to see in the morning that she did not sleep.

He got a phone call from Jo Nam Doo (Lee Hee Joon) telling him that their last client was hunting him but it’s too late, there was already a mafia group at the hotel entrance. Joon Jae made a dud bomb to buy some time while they were getting away and the men were hilariously fooled. They ran to the beach as the men pursued them but it seemed like Shim Chung was enjoying the thrill. She punched and kicked anyone that got near them, and the men flew far away.

The two got on a bike — it looked like a date with some music and bubbles in the background. Just when they thought it’s over, more men came. Joon Jae ushered Shim Chung to hide as he fought them but more men came from their back. Shim Chung fought the men imitating the moves from the movies she watched last night, while Joon Jae was struggling to knock down a few. He got one lucky punch at the end and looked at Shim Chung with pride without knowing she fought more of them.

Another man came with a gun and Joon Jae tried to hypnotize him with his lighter — oopps, it didn’t work. He was captured and Shim Cung followed them with the bicycle. She caught up to them and Joon Jae was able to free himself from the rope. There was a struggle in the car and they crashed. The two got away with the bike. The men were hot on their tails and they entered a maze. The men found her and we saw the men flying as Shim Chung assaulted them. Joon Jae panicked a little and was surprised as Shim Chung led him out of the maze.

They continued their date and Shim Chung got a brain freeze while eating ice cream. Joon Jae called Nam Joon for help, they took off without anything but their clothes and he instructed him to go to a church. The Korean church leader is another conman, and Joon Jae introduced Shim Chung as his wife who is suffering from an illness. The churchgoers were starting to sympathize with him when Shim Chung introduced herself strangely.

They had a talk outside. She can speak now, she studied the language through the laptop the whole night. She asked her what wife means and Joon Jae said it means friend. She started saying strange things like his eyes are shining and he’s pretty, and Joon Jae started to boast about his looks. Back in the church, the church leader taught them how they can earn money through the donations of the church members. Joon Jae sang and played the guitar and the people clapped and cheered exaggerately like it’s a concert.

Back to their room in the church, Shim Chung asked Joon Jae what is the meaning of love, she heard it from the song a while ago. Joon Jae said it’s a dangerous thing and went on explaining it but Shim Chung cut him off saying, “I love you.” Joon Jae said not to do that but he looked flustered. He diverted the topic by asking her that maybe she lost her memories. He inquired about her parents and used his lighter to hypnotize her but she suddenly asked what are parents – his hypnosis failed twice today. He explained that parents are mother and father and she said she doesn’t have something like that. Joon Jae said he has a father and he is searching for his mother.

He watched her sleep and had some flashback of their conversation where Shim Chung said he’s a good person. He put her bracelet back on her arm and said they should go together to the end of the world. This was the place in north Spain he said he wanted to go in “The Legend of the Blue Sea” episode 1. The next morning the church leader saw them off, he’s hitting on Shim Chung and said they should meet in Seoul but she doesn’t know where Seoul is.

The two got to the “end of the world” and Shim Chung asked why it was called the end of the world when there is still the sea. Joon Jae reminisced about his mother. It turns out, this is the last place where he saw his mother when he was a child. Unfortunately, they were interrupted by the mafia men. They saw the map in Joon Jae’s hotel room and followed them to the place. Joon Jae got the gun he picked up yesterday but the men were armed with more powerful guns.

Shim Chung and Joon Jae ran as they were showered by bullets and uh-oh, it’s a dead end. He asked the men to let Shim Chung go because she doesn’t have anything to do with it but Shim Chung said she has because she is his wife. The two bickered about their situation and Shim Chung looked at the sea. Joon Jae asked why she’s looking at the sea knowing that she’s thinking of something insane, and Shim Chung grabbed his hand and jumped. Joon Jae eventually sinked. Shim Chung, transformed into a mermaid, saved him and he opened his eyes to see she’s a mermaid – and they shared an underwater kiss, well it was actually to help him breathe.

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