The Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 16th November 2016 Written Updates Joon Jae Returns For Shim Chung

The Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 16th November 2016 Written Updates Joon Jae Returns For Shim Chung :- The much awaited South Koeran television serial The Legend of the Blue Sea has just been started on SBS Channel and its first episode has already happened the show is based on the love story between the son of a Joseon noble family named Dam-lim and a mermaid named Shim Chung the promos have already impressed the public a lot and here in this post further we will tell you what happened on the first episode of this drama.


The Legend of The Blue Sea Episode 1 Written Updates

“The Legend of the Blue Sea” episode 1 started in the past timeline. There was a strong typhoon and fishes were carried away by the large waves to the shore, including our very own mermaid, Shim Chung (Jun Ji-hyun). She was trapped into the rocks and was captured and tied by humans. Kim Dam Lim (Lee Min Ho) ordered her release.

We were transported to 21st century, Seoul. Heo Joon Jae who looks like a reincarnation of Dam Lim is a con-artist. We saw him as a lawyer, a trader and lastly, a prosecutor. He uses magic tricks and hypnosis to trick people and their team’s latest job brought him to Spain.
Somewhere in the sea, Shim Chung saw a jade bracelet. There was a storm and Shim Chung was chased to the seaside near the hotel Joon Jae was staying. She lost consciousness and woke up to notice she has legs but she became a mermaid again after going to the water. Maybe the water is the trigger to her change? She saw Joon Jae as she was swimming.

Joon Jae woke up due to some weird noise. He immediately noticed that his room was a mess and saw Shim Chung hiding in a hanged jacket, like the one we saw on the “The Legend of the Blue Sea” trailer. He tried asking who she is or what her nationality is but she wasn’t answering. She does not know how to speak. She kicked him and hid in the clothes again and Joon Jae called the police. It was funny how Shim Chung ran seeing the sea without knowing there’s a glass wall. He tied her up and got her pictures in his phone.

The police came and cuffed her. Joon Jae suddenly showed some concern and asked the police if there is really a need to cuff her. “She didn’t steal anything,” he added and the police answered that someone is breaking into hotels nowadays and she just became the prime suspect. She looked like some neurotic in the police car and the police station, she only says some “kiii… kii,” how do we translate that to human language?

Joon Jae looked at the picture in his phone and saw the jade bracelet Shim Chung was wearing. He sent it to his friend in Korea to investigate what it is. Meanwhile, the police were questioning Shim Chung in the station, but of course, she can’t understand a thing. She started playing with the tissue and the officer got angry. He got near Shim Chung and she punched him. He flew quite a distance and Shim Chung picked his gun without knowing what it is. The police officers ducked and urged her to calm down and she tossed the gun to play with the tissue again.

While on a dinner date with Krystal, Joon Jae got a text saying that the bracelet is authentic and it costs a fortune! He ditched her date to go to the station and pick her up. Joon Jae asked the police to let Shim Chung go but the police said they were not done investigating. Joon Jae took out his lighter again, the one he uses for hypnotism and told the police that she is his wife and they were actually on a honeymoon. They got away just like that.

Joon Jae told her he’s sorry and held out his hand for her but she doesn’t know what it means obviously. He said he would buy her a present because he felt sorry but he’s just actually waiting for an opportuninty to get the bracelet. Shim Chung doesn’t know how to cross the street or use an escalator. Joon Jae carried her to the escalator and they were cheered by the people in the mall. Now they really look like newlyweds.

He bought her shoes and clothes — she doesn’t know how to wear it, it’s hilarious. Joon Jae stepped out for a bit and Shim Chung followed the clowns who were having some performance. Joon Jae was worried thinking she was lost, just to find her at the missing children center eating a lollipop, how cute. He bought her something to eat but she was eating the pasta with her hands. He taught her how to use the fork and it’s funny how she looked up at him after every bite to seek his approval. He uses his hypnotism on her and gave him a necklace and next thing we know, the bracelet is not on her wrist.

He left her in the mall saying he has something to do and just wait for him there but he packed his bags preparing to leave. He actually planned on leaving her. Its closing time for the mall and Shim Chung was still waiting. The mall staff sent her outside and it began raining. I was thinking she’ll get wet and turn to a mermaid again but a man hold an umbrella over her — Heo Joon came back!

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