The Conjuring 2 (6th & 7th) Day Collection First Week Worldwide Box Office Report

The Conjuring 2 (6th & 7th) Day Collection First Week Worldwide Box Office Report :- Among all the new Indian releases previouas week in theatres the biggest surprise package was the Hollywood sequel horror thriller The Conjuring 2 as the English film has completely dominated all the other Indian movies running in cinemas and earned way much better box office collection than all of them. Right now this movie in running in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu dubbed prints all across the country and the crowd is still going in huge numbers to watch this venture as it has a mind boggling plot.


This film became the most watched english film of the week in India. There are pretty decent movies going on in various theaters across the nation, but still The Conjuring 2 coming as the first choice for every movie lover. The film Conjuring 2 rocking well in theaters, and the collections of the movie are also going decently. Here I am with The Conjuring 2 6th & 7th Day Collection. Let’s have a look.

Now lets talk about how The Conuring 2 has performed on Thursday at Indian markets well the news is again quite good as the morning & noon shows of this movie have received good occupancy in the varuious parts of the country. Kids are shoowing a lot of madness for this venture as on their demand of watching this thriller even their parents are going with too much of enthusiasm to watch this venture along with them.

The Conjuring 2 Sixth Day Collection India – Rs 3 crore (approx)

The Conjuring 2 Seventh Day Collection India – Rs 2.70 crore (approx)

The Conjuring 2 First Week Collection India – Rs 34.15 crore (approx)

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