Thanga Magan 6th & 7th Day 1st Week Collection Box Office Kamai Report

Thanga Magan 6th & 7th Day 1st Week Collection Box Office Kamai Report :- Velraj directorial Tamil film Thanga Magan which went on screens previous Friday in theatres with too much of hype has done great business at box office India in the opening 6 days of its release. Telugu version of this venture which is named ‘Nava Manmadhudu’ is also grossing exceptionally well right now as despite of receiving tough competition from Varun Tej’s Loafer this venture is earning good amounts from the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Thanga Magan features Dhanush, Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Amy Jackson in lead roles.


Thanga Magan Tamil Film Story

The film opens with Tamizh( Dhanush) his wife yamuna(Samantha Ruth Prabhu) his mom(Raadhika Sarathkumar) getting into a new home which is not very comfortable. Tamizh leaves them with his friend kumaran (Sathish) after settling them in the new house in search of a job. All the companies are pleased with his resume but are hesitant to give him a job due to the occurrences in his past job. Finally out of need tamizh joins as a worker in a roadside biriyani shop. He comes home for the night after he gets drunk. He then narrates the reason for home becoming like this through a series of flashbacks.

Dyring his college days tamizh a second year studemt of,kumaran and tamizh’s cousin aravind(Adith Arun) were the inseparable trio. One day tamizh’s mother tells him to go to the temple for a pooja. There he meets hema (Amy Jackson) who is an architecture student and immediately fells in love with her. He then follows her around and wins her heart and the both fell in love. For their first year anniversary tamizh, hema, kumaran and revathi go to Darjeeling. He was doing all this without the knowledge of aravind and tamizh’s dad for which tamizh feels guilty. He decides that he will tell them both the truth once he goes back to chennai. But he is faced by aravind in Darjeeling who followed him to see what he’s up to and make him feel guilty.

Aravind says he never wants to see tamizh again and storms off. Then they both go to the rooms and hema gives tamizh a plan of their future house. Tamih sees that there is no room for his parents in their new house. He asks about this to hema and she said they will not be staying with them. This infuriates tamizh and they both fight eventually leading to their breakup.

They both move on with their own lives. Tamizh joins the same company as his father and hema gets married to aravind. Tamizh also accepts to get married and and marries yamuna. He is deeply in love with yamuna and forgets hema leaving her to be aravind’s wife. One day tamizh’s father returns home tensed and shouts at his wife. Later when yamuna opens the bathroom door it is found that tamizh’s father hanged himself. Everybody says that he stole a file from his office and gives him the title of a thief. They are eventually asked to vacate the place by the landlord. First they go to Yamuna’s place. But later find their new home.

The scene shifts to the present and tamizh tries to gather information regarding his father in vain. Atlast a close friend of his father see tamizh and says that his father once mentioned a bag of money.

So tamizh goes to see his boss prakash kumar (Jayaprakash) who tells him that he gave his father 5 crore rupees to safegaurd as there was a raid in his house and that when asked to return it he told he forgot where he kept them. Prakash kumar thinks that he stole the money and takes an important file and threatens tamizh’s father to return the money to get the file.

Tamizh remembers his father once arguing with aravind so he goes to see him about the money. Aravind denies of any such thing. And later hema confronts aravind about the money and he tells her that he told the money for his business and that he was about to return it once he’s settled but tamizh father did suicide before that which was unexpected.

Hema then meets yamuna in the temple and tells her the truth behind the money. So tamizh visits aravind’s house when he’s out and searches is house where he finds agreement papers for a certain jen builders. So Kumaran goes in the guise of one of aravind’s men and collets details about the place date and time of the deal closure and convinces the dealer that he change the time to 9’0 clock instead of 7. At seven tamizh goes to the place of making the deal where aravind arrives with one crore of the money. Tamizh takes the money with him. That night some people come to tamizh’s house to steal the money but tamizh wards them off. Next day tamizh gets a call from a man who says that an income tax raid is coming to his house.

So tamizh gives the money to Kumaran to safegaurd it. Kumaran is intercepted by aravind and he takes back the money. Tamizh finds out the call.list of aravind and finds a number frequently called by aravind. He find the address of the owner and finds that he has the other 4 crore to turn it into white. He beats him up and takes the money back. Aravind finds about about this and and tries to safegaurd the rest becoming a mental in the process. He finally give the money back to tamizh asking for his forgiveness.

Tamizh goes to prakash Raj and says the he got the money and that he will give it to him to get his job and the file back. But prakash kumar reveals that the sold the file for fifty crores and that tamizh takes the 5 crore and close this issue. But tamizh dosent want it and tells him to accept his mistake.

So prakash kumar sends some goons to finish tamizh off when he was taking a pregnant yamuna but he fights back. He later calls prakash kumar and tell him to see the news where is assistant (m.s. bhaskar) tells reporter that prakash kumar sold the file. Tamizh then tells him that he gave his assistant the 5 crore to confess.

Prakash kumar is arrested while yamuna give birth to a baby boy. The film closes by seeing tamizh leaving for his job while yamuna come running from behind saying he forgot his tiffin box. He takes it and starts to leave while yamuna ask who will drop hey home by carrying her for which tamizh says that she can walk as she’s not pregnant anymore. A furious yamuna starts walking while he comes from behind and crries her to his home.

This Tollywood venture Thanga Magan has made a hefty earning on 6th day too and same is expected from its seventh day biz as it is proving out to be a dark house despite of getting heavy competition at box office.

Thanga Magan Sixth Day Collection – Rs 3.5 crore (approx)

Thanga Magan Seventh Day Collection – Rs 2 crore (approx)

Thanga Magan First Week Collection – Rs 55 crore (approx)

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