Telugu Film Nannaku Prematho 4th Day Collection Box Office Income

Telugu Film Nannaku Prematho 4th Day Collection Box Office Income :- The Junior tiger of South film industry JR NTR along with actress Rakul Preet Singh made the beginning of year 2016 with a bang as their latest film Nannaku Prematho which went on screens earlier this week in theatres on 13 January 2015 is grossing exceptionally well from Indian markets and not only that this Tollywood action romantic comedy film is also earning at a very quick pace from the international circuits of United States of America which is remarkable. Despite of the fact that there are other two big banner Telugu ventures which are currently running in theatres including Dictator and Express Raja still this movie is surprisingly continuing its successful run.


Abhiram (N. T. Rama Rao Jr.), London-based son of Subramanyam (Rajendra Prasad), loses his job and starts his own company, KMC pipes and canals. He comes to know that Subramanyam is suffering from pancreatic cancer and will survive for more or less a month. Subramanyam reveals his name as Ramesh Chandra Prasad, one of London’s richest entrepreneurs, who lost all his wealth because of a cunning man, Krishnamurthy Kautilya (Jagapathi Babu) who made his empire cheating Ramesh Chandra. He was then forced to change his name to Subramanyam and got rich again after years of work.

Subramanyam requests his 3 sons to take revenge on his behalf. His eldest son (Rajiv Kanakala), lies to him that he has filed a lawsuit against Krishnamurthy in order to pacify him. But Abhiram ends up taking matters into his own hands. He sets a time period of 30 days to bring Krishnamurthy to zero and hires 3 youngsters (Thagubothu Ramesh, Naveen Neni, Liza van der Smissen) who are shown to love their fathers dearly. He targets Krishnamurthy’s daughter Divya (Rakul Preet Singh) in order to reach him. He uses all methods necessary to woo her, including saving her from a kidnapping and spending every last penny of their family bank balance to buy her a 25 crore worth painting. He finally meets Krishnamurthy at Divya’s birthday party. But Krishnamuthy turns out to be aware of Abhiram’s intentions. Subramanyam gets admitted at the hospital as his condition turns critical. Abhiram’s brothers breaks up with him after he comes to know Abhiram wasted their property on the painting.

Krishnamurthy plants a bug in Abhiram’s lair because of which he comes to know of their plans and Divya too comes to know of Abhiram’s intentions. She breaks up with him. Krishnamurthy had grabbed a gas project from businessman Kapil Kumar (Ashish Vidyarthi) in Spain, to where he goes with Divya. Abhiram follows them with his group but gets kidnapped by Divya. She does so as she wants to find his plans of ruining her father.

During this period, Abhiram regains Divya’s love and also gets her to meet her mother (Madhoobala) in jail whom she had not met since 4 years. Her father had put drugs in their bag during one of their travels, but the airport officials find the bag with Divya’s mother when Krishnamurthy and Divya were in the washroom. Krishnamurthy leaves his wife to save himself and his daughter. Divya begins to loathe her father. Meanwhile, it turns out that the painting gifted to Krishnamurthy had a camera in it and that Abhiram too was aware of Krishnamurthy’s plans. He finds out Krishnamoorthy’s bank number and accesses the account, transferring the 35,000 crores to his family account.

It is also revealed that the gas land Krishnamurthy grabbed was no real gas land and the gas there was given by tunnels planted by Abhiram’s KMC company i.e. Krishnamurthyni Mosam Cheydaniki company (‘Cheating Krishnamurthy company’). Kapil Kumar is revealed to be Satpal Singh, Subramanyam’s friend. Krishnamurthy becomes of the same condition as Ramesh Chandra Prasad and absconds and changes his identity to Subramanyam. Divya and her mother moves in with Abhiram’s family but sadly Ramesh Chandra succumbs to his disease. Abhiram still does not cry as he thinks his father will go the day he cries.

“Nannaku Prematho” was released in 1,150 screens in 1,050 Locations in two Telugu states on 13 January. The movie opened to massive response everywhere. But, it clashed with big ticket films like “Dictator” and “Express Raja” on its second day and “Soggade Chinni Nayana” on its third day. These new releases took a toll on its business in the following days.

Till now at Indian box office Nannaku Premato has made a collection of about 30 crore in the opening three days of its release which is quite extraordinary.

Now talking about how this Telugu drama has grossed on Saturday well Nannaku Prematho 4th day overall occupancy has been estimated around 60% which has unfortunately went down a bit as compared to the earlier three days but still this is very much justified as the competition for Telugu movies right now is very tough and this film is emerging as a clear winner.

Nannaku Prematho Fourth Day Collection – Rs 9 crore (approx)

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