Tamil Film Navarasa Thilagam Review Rating 1st & 2nd Day Collection Box Office Report

Tamil Film Navarasa Thilagam Review Rating 1st & 2nd Day Collection Box Office Report :- Ma Ka Pa Anand and Srushti Dange starrer Tamil romantic comedy film Navarasa Thilagam which was released this week in theatres across Tamil Nadu state has absolutely failed to impress the audience as the local public has completely rejected this venture and thats the major reason that in the opening two days there are high chances that this flick will emerge as a super flop.


Discussing about the story of Navarasa Thilagam, Ma Ka Pa Anand plays that cliched role you can find in every alternative comical Tamil flicks and the character played by Karunakaran, who plays the hero’s sidekick is no exception. These two lead a carefree life and end up losing money in the name of business, gaining the wrath of Anand’s father, played by Ilavarasu. The movie takes a deviation when Anand meets the leading lady, played by Srushti Dange, post which him falling in love with her is rest assured. When he plans to get closer to her family by befriending the guy (Siddharth Vipin) engaged to Srushti’s elder sister, he realizes something crucial in accordance with his own love life. Suddenly, Anand’s sole mission is to stop Siddharth Vipin’s marriage. What’s the reason behind his action and will his love towards Srushti end up in marriage? Answers to these questions forms the rest of the story.

 Navarasa Thilagam Star Rating 1/5*

TaazaUpdates.com verdict for Navarasa Thilagam : Well as far as our review of this film is concerned we suggest you all not to waste your time and money on Navarasa Thilagam as it really doesn’t worth it.

Navarasa Thilagam First Day Collection – Rs 1.50 crore (approx)

Navarasa Thilagam Second Day Collection – Rs 0.90 crore (approx)

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