Tamil Film Miruthan Review Rating 1st & 2nd Day Collection Box Office Report

Tamil Film Miruthan Review Rating 1st & 2nd Day Collection Box Office Report :- Tamil action Zombie thriller film Miruthan which was released yesterday in theatres across the world and features the pair of Jayam Ravi & Lakshmi Menon has got a decent opening in the local circuits of Tamil Nadu state despite of the fact that this venture has received a thumbs down earlier from the critics as many have even said that this venture is not at all worth watching. Directed by Shakti Soundar Rajan this Tollywood movie has been made under the productional banner of Global Infotainment.


Story of Miruthan is about an accidental spill of radioactive material in Ooty leads to a dog turning feral, exhibiting symptoms of rabies (hydrophobia, etc). When the rabid animal bites a man, transforming him into a cannibalistic zombie, it sets off a chain of unimaginably gruesome events, stretching as far as Coimbatore. Dozens and dozens of men turn into zombies within hours, while a team of doctors try to develop a vaccine overnight. Enter young woman doctor (played by Lakshmi Menon) who collects samples from dead zombies in Ooty and tries to reach Coimbatore at the foothills to help the vaccine development. A traffic cop, Karthik (Jayam Ravi) who has secretly been in love with the doctor, tries to help her reach Coimbatore through the pack of blood-thirsty zombies.

Jayam Ravi shines in this film with his earnest efforts in depicting a traffic cop who is loaded with the moral responsibility of rescuing people from the dangers to risking his life for his loved ones. The seasoned actor that he is, Ravi demonstrates the nuances of emotions finely. Kaali Venkat as his buddy brings a chuckle here and there. Lakshmi Menon does have a role of substance as a doctor.

Tamil Miruthan Star Rating 2.5/5*

TaazaUpdates.com verdict for Miruthan : After viewing this film we can only say that watch Miruthan in theatres only if you are a die hard fan of Jayam Ravi as except of him there is nothing worth watching as plot is a complete mess and doesn’t make sense at all.

Miruthan First Day Collection – Rs 4 crore (approx)

Miruthan Second Day Collection – Rs 2.50 crore (approx)


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