Tamil Film Jil Jung Juk 2nd & 3rd Day Collection Weekend Box Office Kamai Report

Tamil Film Jil Jung Juk 2nd & 3rd Day Collection Weekend Box Office Kamai Report :- Siddharth, Sananth Reddy and Avinash Raghudevan starrer Tamil comedy film Jil Jung Juk which was being directed by Deeraj Vaidy and went on screens earlier this Friday has absolutely failed to make any kind of impact at box office India as public of Tamil Nadu were seen opting for Vil Ambu over this venture and the people who were seen coming out of theatres after watching this movie were seen scratching their hair out of anger and disappointment.


Often Indian cinema lifts ideas, scenes and sometimes entire plots from foreign fare. Deeraj Vaidy’s Jil Jung Juck (named after three characters in the film) has a striking resemblance to Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai’s colour palate, especially his In The Mood For Love, and Quentin Tarantino’s black humour. Only that Vaidy does not turn these dark episodes in his work scary enough to send shivers down one’s spine. Or sadistic like Tarantino. Well, Vaidy perhaps wanted to keep Jil Jung Juck comic.

Which the movie is, certainly during the first half when Jil (played by Siddharth ), Jung (Avinash Raghudevan) and Juck (Sananth Reddy) produce enough laughs through some great one-liners (though I found Siddharth’s deliveries garbled). And even when the really wicked men in the film like Radharavi’s Rolex Rawther come on, the comic thread does not snap.

Set in 2020, Jil, Jung and Juck are asked to deliver a shocking pink colour car — which is, believe it or not, packed with cocaine — to a Chinese (wonder why this nationality was chosen) customer in Hyderabad. The three men begin their journey that turns into a fantasy with the car being taken away — en route — by a movie unit (after the three men go on binge drinking in a bar) and blown to smithereens. This sets off a chain of incidents in which the J and J and J plan and plot to get a new car, have it painted pink and pack it with cocaine.

After the first 60-odd minutes, the antics of Jil, Jung and Juck begin to feel laboured, and the laughs are forced. It is not easy to spin a comedy of 132 minutes, and none of the actors seem capable of pulling off the laugh riot, which is a fantasy of sorts. Maybe, a 90-minute roll could have kept us tickled. And Indian cinema, certainly Tamil cinema, is really not adept at producing a comedy, a black comedy at that, without resorting to kiddish pranks on screen.

As far as the performance of Jil Jung Juk on day 2 is concerned well on Saturday this venture has absolutely messed up with its business as audience has rejected it completely and most of its shows went fully empty with no crowd. Chances of any improvement in its business on Sunday are appearing very less.

Jil Jung Juk Second Day Collection in India – Rs 2 crore (approx)

Jil Jung Juk Third Day Collection in India – Rs 2.5 crore (approx)

Jil Jung Juk First Weekend Collection in India – Rs 8.5 crore (approx)



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