Swaragini 31 December 2015 Written Updates Ragini Reveals Durga Prasad Secret Kavita Enters

Swaragini 31 December 2015 Written Updates Ragini Reveals Durga Prasad Secret Kavita Enters :- There are a lot of new twists and turns that got unfolded in the previous episode of Swaragini Colors channel popular daily soap where we have seen how the tamasha women dancer Kaveri made shocking revelations in front of Swara about how Ragini and Parvati blackmailed Swara’s father in law in the past few years and now Swara decides to investigate about all this.


At midnight around 2:00 am Ragini calls everyone in the living area and she said that its an order by your new boss. She tells everyone that she has organised a new year 2016 party for tomorrow night with theme Raaz and Khatra where she will make a lot of shocking revelations related to Durga Prasad. She also called Swara puts the phone on speaker and invites her to the party.

Meanwhile Swara goes to the hostel where Kavita was staying and there she meet the receptionist who told her that she was in room 203 and she reaches the room door and opens it with a pin.

New Year 2016 party begins everyone arrived including Sharmishta and Shekhar. Ragini comes and tells everyone that real fun is gonna begin now and then Sangita comes and performs on Kya Raaz Hai song after this Ragini comes and greets her for such a wonderful perfoirmance.

Regini then says that now its time for the real revelation and Kaveri comes with her face covered and dances on song Honton Mei Aisi Baat along with Ragini and Parvati. During the performance Ragini with Parvati went upstairs to get the photographs Sanskaar stops them and snatches the envelope from Ragini’s hand but she hits on his head with a flower Vase and he gets unconscious. Envelope slips from his hand and photographs fall down.

Everyone saw the photos of Durga Prasad with injured Kavita and Ragini announces that this is the secret. Suddenly Swara arrives and tells that Bade Papa has not done anything wrong as the girl is still alive and Kavita comes out of Palanquin after which everyone gets shocked seeing her.

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