Swaragini 30 December 2015 Written Updates Kaveri Reveals Truth Swara to Expose Ragini

Swaragini 30 December 2015 Written Updates Kaveri Reveals Truth Swara to Expose Ragini :- All of you have seen how the Tamasha women Kaveri tells Swara that she will tell her a secret if she gives her earrings to her and she agrees to do so. After that Kaveri made a revelation that about 5 years back she saw Durga Prasad near an injured girl and she clicks a photo of her. Swara doesn’t believe her.


Kaveri tells Swara that its on her that whether she wants to trust her or not as she is a women who do Tamasha’s but never speaks lie. She also shows that photo to Swara with the injured Kavita. Swara said but whats the connection of Lakshya and Ragini with all this. Kaveri then tells about the police station incident.

A few year back Kaveri got arrested for stealing something from someone’s house and there she saw Durga Prasad with Ragini and Parvati at police station and she heard them having some conversation. There Parvati saw Durga Prasad’s photo with the injured girl Kavita

To find out the truth Parvati gave Kaveri money and tells her that she will help her in getting released from jail. After which she tells her the whole truth and gave her photos. She then calls Kaveri to home and sings the same song that she sung at the day of that incident 5 years ago. Durga Prasad got shocked hearing this.

Ragini and Parvati blackmails Durga Prasad that they will reveal his truth of killing Kavita. Lakshya & Sanskar came their and screams at Ragini for insulting Annapurna but Durga Prasad stops them.

Lakshya comes with black paint in the bedroom to gave Ragini a taste of her own medicine but she tells him that she is doing this because she is taking the revenge of his wrong doing from his dear ones.

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