Splitsvilla 9 Grand Final;e Gurmeet Kavya Wins Winners Runner Ups 8 October 2016

Splitsvilla 9 Grand Final;e Gurmeet Kavya Wins Winners Runner Ups 8 October 2016 :- The time has arrived to decide the ultimate king and queen of Splitsvilla 9 after a long journey of 2 months which begin with 16 hot hunks and 6 sexy princesses is now coming to an end as only 3 couples and Nikhil are left to compete in the finale of the game of love. It will also be interesting to see which warrior will become the first and last king of this season 9 of Splitsvilla so lets find out.


The grand finale episode of Splitsvilla 9 begins with a quick montage of all the finalists journey and out of all the connections that included Varun-Martina, Gurmeet-Kavya, Archie-Rajnandini and Nikhil. Nikhil was the one without a connection. Princesses were then asked to choose their final partner for their final task and each of the princesses selected their respective connections which are as follows

Martina chooses Varun
Kavya chooses Gurmeet
Rajnandini chooses Archie

Nikhil was automatically out of the show as he doesn’t have any connection left. The three couples then started the competition. As expected Gurmeet-Kavya took the lead followed by Varun-Martina and Archie-Rajnandini.

Kavya finally wone the task with her connection Gurmeet. And she became the ultimate queen of the Splitsvilla 9 and Gurmeet and the first and the only King of season 9. And like last year it was once again a Roadies show all along. As in the MTV Splitsvilla season 9 finale five of the six contestants in finale have been parts/winners of MTV Roadies.

Splitsvilla 9 Final Results :

Gurmeet Kavya – Winner

Martina Varun – 1st Runner Up

Rajnandini Archie – 2nd Runner Up

Guermeet Singh Rehal Became the Ultimate King of Splitsvilla 9

Kavya Khurrana Became the Ultimate Queen of Splitsvilla 9

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