Soggade Chinni Nayana 2nd Day Collection Box Office Income

Soggade Chinni Nayana 2nd Day Collection Box Office Income :- Trio of Nagarjuna Akkineni, Ramya Krishnan and Lavanya Tripathi is currently rocking South box office as their latest Telugu venture Soggade Chinni Nayana is getting great response from audience as fans of iconic Tollywood superstar Nagarjuna are going in big numbers to theatres to watch this film as a result of which it has successfully managed to gross massive amount of income on the opening day of its release. This Kalyan Krishna directorial which has a scheduled running time of 1 hour and 41 minutes has been produced by Nagarjuna Akkineni himself under the banner of Annapurna Studios.


Dr. Ram Mohan (Nagarjuna Akkineni) and Sita (Lavanya Tripathi) are a couple coming from the US to India. When they arrive back at home, Satya (Ramya Krishna) overflows with exuberance with the sight of her son and her daughter-in-law. That exuberance quickly comes to an end when Sita informs Satya that she is looking to divorce Ramu. An angry Sita locks herself in her room and yells at a picture of Bangaraju (Nagarjuna Akkineni)—her deceased husband. She blames him for her son and her daughter-in-law’s divorce. In the ‘underworld’, Yama (K.Naga Babu) hears her ails and the scene shifts to Bangaraju flirting with various girls. Yama tells Bangaraju that he must return to Satya to fix the family problems; however, Yama will summon him back to the ‘underworld’ once Maha Shivaratri is over.

Bangaraju appears in front of Satya, but can be heard and seen by her. Satya reconciles with Bangaraju and Bangaraju—who learned that after his death, Satya had a son—flees to see Ramu and Sita. When he notices their separation, Bangaraju understands that he must bring them together. Bangaraju learns that he can enter Ramu and act as him—he uses this to put Ramu closer to Sita. Ramu and Sita slowly get closer. Bangaraju begins to learn more about his death—mainly, that it was a murder. His uncle (Nassar) and brother plotted to kill him so that they could steal jewelry from the locked temple and keep it for themselves. When his brother attempted to open the doors of the temple, a snake god came and killed him.

They use Suri (Posani Krishna Murali) to kill Bangaraju. When Suri sees Ramu (with Bangaraju possessing him), he has a panic attack and runs away. Suri eventually tells Ramu (with Bangaraju possessing him) that he murdered his father and while running away, is hit by a truck and killed. Ramu’s cousin (Sampath Raj) and grandather’s brother (Nassar) discuss killing Suri. Bangaraju utilizes Athmanand (Brahmanandam)—who can hear the voices of ghosts—to learn more about Bangaraju’s death.

Before Shivaratri, Ramu’s cousin informs Ramu that he must perform the puja—only a member of Bangaraju’s family can open the door to the jewelry. Ramu’s cousin gives his entire family bands so that they cannot hear, see, or be possessed by Bangaraju. Bangaraju learns that his uncle and nephew are planning on killing Ramu if he does not comply. Bangaraju possesses Ramu and goes to his uncle’s house, where an evil priest is performing a puja. The evil priest traps Bangaraju. The snake comes and frees Bangaraju, killing the evil priest. However, Bangaraju cannot affect any of the family’s decisions because the band blocks him from them.

When Ramu and his cousin get the jewelry out, they beat Ramu so that he gives up the jewelry. Sita watches as Ramu is beaten, and before Ramu’s cousin stabs Ramu, she gets between them and is stabbed in the stomach. Ramu is knocked unconscious and goons take him away. When his band gets caught on a door, the goons yank the band off. Bangaraju possesses Ramu and beats all of the goons, as well as his uncle and nephew. Bangaraju leaves Ramu, and Ramu saves his wife’s life. At this point, Ramu and Sita have no thought of divorce anymore. Bangaraju must leave, however.

Yama finally allows Bangaraju to touch Sita to wipe away her tears, and leaves with a memory of her smiling.

After a successful grand opening earlier this Friday on Saturday Soggade Chinni Nayana 2nd day overall occupancy has been recorded around 75% which is fabulous and this movie is currently making big dents in the other Telugu competitor movies which includes Express Raja, Dictator and Nannaku Prematho.

Soggade Chinni Nayana Second Day Collection – Rs 12 crore (approx)

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